Play DVD Recorder Disc on PC/Close the disc

Good Evening,

I have a LG DVD recorder dv276/dv296 series. I can record data from the HDD to DISC but I cannot play the disc on a PC.

I assume that this is due to the fact that the disc is not closed using the recorder.

When using Nero Burning Rom (Version Use the Recorder >> Disc Info menu option) i can see that the Disc has a Session with 3 Tracks on it and that the session is open.

At the bottom is a DVD R Options button. Selecting this give me a Close VR DISC option. Selecting it gives an “Unspecified Recorder Error” message and eject the DVD.

So I googled and found on that I need to create a new Multisession DVD but continue with the current session and only finalise the disc.

Extract from web
“Try this. Start a new DVD-ROM (ISO) compilation in Nero Burning ROM, select Continue Multisession disc on the Multisession tab and Finalize DVD on the Burn tab. Proceed to burn the disc- all Nero should do is close (finalize) it.”

Doing this I can create the Multisession but I get to the screen where i can select the track on the existing DVD. Here I can view the session again with the 3 tracks but I am unable to select the session for the OK button to be highlighted.

Does anyone know how to get the DVD finalized? Or what I am doing wrong for not been able to select the Session.