Play DivX movies on a Dreamcast

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Method to play DivX moviez on Dreamcast, though it seems it may just decompress it to Gigabyte size avi files, making it a…

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I don’t think people like to convert DivX to Sega format again… quality may be downgrade, etc…

Since you got the computer to watch it, why watch it on your Sega, right?

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How much total?

I’ve found a working VCD player that plays .mpg, mpeg and AVI (not DivX ; Avi though)
Maybe this developer will bridge the gap soon!

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Can’t you guys just kill Sorcerer6’ account, he’s promoting his site for a couple of days now. I think everybody should have seen it by now, and it has no connection to the topics whatsoever.


why not just transcode the file from divy-x to mpeg before you burn your iso?

The winzip password is incorect ??? mmmmmm help me out please !! tnx