Play & burn mkv with subtitles?

I have just downed my first mkv file and don’t know exactly what to do with it. I have downloaded the “ffdshow audiodecoder” and installed that with the “Haali Media Splitter” and can now watch the movie in WMP10 - but with no subs. There are supposed to be “soft-subs” already embedded in the .mkv file but after configuring WMP10 to show subtitles they still do not appear.

Also, I would like to burn this movie to DVD. I have been using Sonic MyDVD Studio Delux for most of my DVD authoring but it falls short in tooooo many ways so I picked up a copy of DVDLab-Pro. DVD-Lab looks huge/perfect but I just got it today and have no idea how to use the interface/application - but I am reading and experimenting.

What I would like to do is convert the .mkv files into a format usable by either DVD authoring application and burn it with functional subtitles.

Anyone have a straight forward process? Do I need another conversion tool? Any Idea why the subs don’t show in Media Player?

Anyone… Anyone…?

The ‘matroska lite pack’ from is a very safe codec pack, because it will basically only install

  • the Haali media splitter
  • matroska muxer
  • CoreVorbis decoder
  • vsfilter (DVobSub) subtitle filter

Install it, and you will see your soft-subs.

For easy MKV 2 DVD conversion, try this one

and report back it it works for you.

matroska project admin

Havent got into the DVD Santa yet but by your directions I got the subs to run in WMP.

I’ll get, install and run Santa woth the directions in the link and post next week.

Maenwhile… I have a question about some VOB files I have to burn. But I’ll start another link.

Thanks again.