Play Blu-ray on Windows 8

When I just want to play Blu-ray on my windows 8 laptop,but really I don’t want to rip it, I just want to play the movies like playing dvd.

I have noticed that not all laptop can play blu-ray movies from this article

I just want to know if the method it right from the article ?

Your above-referenced article seems to be one way to do it, yes - to copy the BluRay movie to your hard-drive, then you can remove the disc and play ‘the files’. This will give you the best battery-life as well, since only the hard-disk is spinning - not the BluRay drive, too.

DVD FAB DECRYPTER and several other packages offer the same ability, too.

All of those still deal with BluRay copying, however. Not playing.


I assume that, since your notebook came with a BluRay Drive, the vendor also included a BluRay Player, yes?

If it didn’t, then you’ve got a Pay-For upgrade for Microsoft’s Windows Media Player, or Cyberlink’s $50 Power player.

There are at least two free players - KLite’s Media Player Classic (which requires their free K-Lite Codec Package to be downloaded and installed as well), and VideoLAN, which only offers Unencrypted BluRay Playing at this time (I THINK!).

Hopefully, your notebook comes with a good BluRay player, though.

DVDFab Media Player plays blu-ray files on your harddisk for free,for blu-ray discs you need a licensed version.
Vso Media Player is a free player,offers no menu structure for blu-ray files,but for blu-ray discs,you need an additional decrypter,like 1 of DVDFab’s solutions or AnyDvd HD…

RoadW’s solution brings up the point I should have expressed more clearly - IF you copy BluRays to your hard-drive, encrypted (i.e., commercial) BluRays will need a B DECRYPTER[/B] to remove copy-protect schemes during this COPY process.

Then, you’ll need a B PLAYER[/B] for those files on your computer.

RoadW suggested VSO Media Player as another free one that is a Player, but not a Decrypter.

They make it tough for a simple disk to play a disk you’ve bought!

If you do not want to rip the movie to the hard drive using some sort of decryption program, you will need a commercial player to play straight from the blu ray disc.

The best one is Arcsoft Total Media Theater. It is up to version 6 I believe.
Another couple of options are PowerDVD and WinDVD.

I bought an LG 14X Bluray player at Best Buy and it came with Cyberlink Power to DVD Ultra and it works fine. I don’t burn Bluray, just watch the files.

Thanks for your all replies, but the price of DVDfab and windvd seems high to me.No other cheap ones?

No, the commercial players are not particularly cheap, especially the best of them, Arcsoft TMT 6.

If you want inexpensive, you’ll need to decrypt and rip to the hard drive first. DVDFab HD Decrypter is free to use, as is MakeMKV while it is in beta (and it has been in beta for years now). Just put in the beta key each month or so for MakeMKV:

MakeMKV can rip as a mkv file, or in Backup mode it can rip the entire blu ray to the hard drive. From there you can play with VLC or Media Player Classic Home Cinema, if you don’t need menu support. And both of those players are free. If you do need the menu and extras, use the DVDFab Media Player, which will work with ripped files with no need to buy the program.

RoseJ, one question still makes me wonder: did your computer come with BluRay Playing software? I hope so, since the computer had a BluRay drive installed in it.

To re-state these above comments, there have two basic alternatives: B a Pay-For Product[/B] that plays your BluRay movies directly from the BluRay drive; or B a Combination of Free Products[/B] that decrypt-and-copy the movies to your hard drive, and then a free Player.

It can be confusing, yes, because all of the Free Products also offer Pay-For versions, too - of course they would!

I’m still curious if your computer came with BluRay Player software installed, as part of your computer’s original price.

VLC with a third party plug-in, both free, try it as you have nothing to lose