Play Back On Stand Alone Akai DVD Player



Hi folks,
I need a little help on an issue I am having with my Akai DVPS-760 stand alone dvd player hooked up to my surround sound home cinema. The specs say that it will play DVD-R Video. It will play All Regions, but I don not think that is the issue. When I rip with Clone DVD and Any DVD running in the background that takes care of the region issue. The player does not play DVD-Rom, DVD-Ram or DVD-RW. I would like to know if the file after ripping is compatable with my player? I burn the Video_TS file and am not sure if this is the DVD-Video file type that will play in my player. My player was manufactured in 2003 if that helps.


A backup made with AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 - as you have put it - is compatible with your player, i.e. it should playback.

Your standalone is very picky with media, so be careful. Some useful reading in this regard:


Thanks for the info. I have been out of town this week and just got back. That site was helpful for sure. I use anydvd and clone dvd. I have found that my player will only play a dvd copy, copied onto a YT disc only. I am trying to find out how I can upgrade the firmware for the akai.
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I got the firmware to upgrade my Akai, however the Nero that came bundled with my Sony DRU-720A will not burn a bin file. It tells me I need the full version. Any ideas?


Try to use this free software:


I have an akai DVD standalone, it will play most discs if you burn them at 4x, mine has trouble playing back any media burned at 8x or above. with good media, 8x discs play halfway through, with bad media its says its a VCD and wont even load the menu OR it shuts itself off and on trying to load it, believe it or not. Id recommend getting another player, thats what im going to end up doing.