Play back of a recorded DVD



First let me say hello and thanks for having a forum such as this to find out what I’m doing wrong. Also for allowing stupid questions…

I have some movies (some Disney classics) for my grandkids. Because they are classics, and kids being what they are, I thought I would make backups of the original dvd and let them use the ones I backed up.

I use CloneDVD because it is easy to use. I burned one of the dvds and when I tried it one on dvd player, it would not work. I tried it on another dvd player and it did work. We also have one of those portabe dvd players for the grand kids and it works there. Here’s the kicker! On the one dvd player that worked when we tested it, it would NOT work when the kids wanted to watch it.

Again, I am using CloneDvd and Sony+Dvd-R’s to record them on. I also have WinXP Pro w/1gig memory.

I use Lite-On Dvd burner also.

Am I doing something wrong?

Any help would certainly save the final hair I have on my head.

Thank you!


This is nothing new. Try to get disk made by Tayo Yuden or Verbatim, those are the once most recommended by all involved in DVD burning. You still may not be able to play on all players, but you will have better chance.


If they play in one player and not the other one, it sounds like the other one doesn’t like DVD-R’s. You might want to get some DVD+R’s and change the booktype(bitsetting) to DVD-Rom. I had the same problem when I used DVD-R’s. Good quality media is also a recomendation as stated above. Verbatim, Tayo Yuden, and some of the Sony DVD+R’s seem to work well for me.


Good advice from both of the above posters. First thing to do is check the manufacturer specs for the dvd players you will be using, to see which disk formats they will play. If they all play +r, then all you have to do is buy some good verbatim or taiyo yuden +r media. If some play +r and some play -r, then you should look into bitsetting. You can look at the specs of your drive, or look on this site in the burner reviews to see which drives support this.


I apologize if I miss lead anyone, but I am using DVD+R’s. As for what format the dvd players are using, the two dvd players that don’t work, I have no information on them. I do have the info for the one dvd player that works… figures, right?

Change the booktype or bitsetting? How is that done?


Most Lite-On burners support bitsetting. Check the Lite-On forum and search for your particular drive, or search for the word bitsetting or booktype.
Some drives you can set with the manufacters software, and others you have to find the option in the software you are using to bitset. Not all softwares have the bitsetting option. I’m not sure about CloneDVD, but I believe it does have an option for bitsetting.


OK, so am I correct in assuming that in order to play back a dvd that I recorded, I need to record it on a DVD that is compatabile with my dvd player? Now, to add to my confusion, how does it work when I rent a movie and it can play on any dvd?

I have these two dvdplayers that are used the most in our house…

  1. Emerson TV with a built in dvd player. It says it can play a dvd in the format of DVD-R/RW

  2. A Sony DVD player. It says it can playback any CD or DVD even if it’s M-^Rs



All bought and rented DVD’s are recorder in the DVD-ROM mode which allows them to play in any player. What bitsetting does is change the format from either a - or + DVD to a DVD-ROM thus allowing it to play in any player. Thats the trouble with some players they will only play one or the other and I have seen where they say that they will play all the modes -+ & RW and some give them trouble, so the DVD-ROM is best. If your burner doesn’t support bitsetting or booktype a outstanding program called DVDFAB does plus it also will do HD-DVD plus Blue Ray update is coming out soon, you can try it free for 30 days.


Ok, I think I’m begining to understand now. With DVDFab, I can burn a DVD ROM by using a blank DVD+R/RW disc. I’m going to buy some of that type of disc and give it a try with DVDFab… I’ll let you know if it works.


Also if you have any problems the DVDFAB forum has excellant help in there, good luck also go to the forum as they have the link there for version which just came out last night