Play back movies on pvp

i have a Enova Portable MP4 video player, which supports AVI, RM, RMVB, WMV, DAT video files.

The problem i have is that when i rip a DVD to the player using DVD fab i only get sound and no picture.

now when i go to convert a DVD title to a spercific format none on DVD are on my mp4 player. This link is what formats are on DVDFAB.

The only way i can watch films on my MP$ player is if i donw load a film and drag the movie file into the MP4 players folder, but when i do that some movies are out of sink or there are not smooth.

I dont know where to go form here. Somw help would be good thanks.


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In DVDFab, have you tried lowing the bitrate and resolution settings? For example, as your player has a 320x240 screen, this should be set as the output resolution. For the bitrate, try around 500kbps to start with.

Most online videos typically start at 480 x 272, even for portable versions, which means that your player must do a down-conversion to display the video on its 320x240 (native resolution) screen. As a result of this extra processing, this is likely what’s causing it to go out of sync.