Play back issue home dvd player

I have a samsung 182m very happy with it but, i burn a backup copy and it plays fine on my puter, but when i use my home player, JVC VHS/DVD, PLAYER model # HR-XVC16 and it dosen’t play at all. i put the dvd in says it is reading and then it kicks it back out. I am at a loss for words, don’t like saying this but help sorry i use dvd shrink 3.2

Need a lot more info, from what blank media you are using to the program you are using to burn. If it creates a log, post it.

I am using Office depot dvd+RW 4x not the best i take it, then i used nero 6.6.1 i erased the log sorry bout that, won’t do that again.

You went into Program Files / Ahead / Nero & erased the NeroHistory.Log?

If i remember correctly – and it’s been a while since i’ve used Office Depot blank media – they, like so many others sublet their discs to different manufacturer’s then just stamp their name on them. These days i’m not sure what they code out at.

You’re better off sticking with good quality blank media. Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.

And Personally, i prefer ImgBurn to Nero for burning.

And beef barley is right: an error log would be most helpful.

sorry its been awhile, but a lot of stuff has happened. lost my job have to move out by Sunday noon, so other then that things have been just great. I will buy some better dvd±RW, and thanks singer i will try imageburn sorry it took so long to get back to the forum.

thanks all have a good day:flower:

No apologies necessary kjay…sorry to hear about the turn your life has taken.

Hope all goes better for you!

Is your home dvd player able to play +RW dvd’s???
I know my home play is not able to play those.