'Play All' then returning to merged menu



Hi I’ve merged 2 dvds of episodes (P1 and P2). Both have a ‘play all’ button and a ‘Select Episode’ button. How do I make either of these dvds return to the merged menu after selecting the ‘play all’ button?



Insert the post command ‘Call VMG title menu (resume cell 1)’ at line 1 in the Play-All PGC.


Thanx toaddub. But the pgc is a menu pgc and I can only add ‘Call VMG title menu’ without the ‘resume cell 1’ option.


There’s no Call command in the menu domain. I mean in the Program Chains/PGC section where the last episode is. I don’t know what your structure looks like, so I can only say to put it in the Play-All PGC.


thanx toaddub. :slight_smile: Would I also insert the post command ‘Call VMG title menu (resume cell 1)’ for movies and not episodes?



You insert at the PGC (movie, episode, etc.) when you want it to go back to the dvdremake menu after playing.


Thanx once again toaddub.