Play a ram disk in pc

ive just bought a panasonic drmes 15 recorder,
should i be able to play a dvd-ram disk in my lg gsa4120b dvd writer?
i assumed as lg was part of panasonic there would be no problem but it doesnt seem to want to play ball

thanks for any help :stuck_out_tongue:

AFAIK, the 4120 does not read RAM discs.

cheers CDan, any recommendations as to what to replace it with?

edit/ how about this

that should do it :slight_smile:

That would be my first choice. Although, the NEC multi-writers seem to be doing very well with RAM also. Still, LG has been at it the longest in PC drives.

If you only need to read the RAM discs, there are a few DVD-ROM drives that will do it too.

cheers, gonna buy one now, many thanks

turns out the 4021 will read ram disks, have now copied it to me hd and changed it to mpg, now gotta figure out how to make that back into dvd to record on to a dvd-r :confused:

Any DVD authoring program will take the MPEG file and create a DVD-video disc.

sorted, took a while to do, but now i have a perfect copy

cheers mate :bow: :smiley: