Play a game from hard disk

recently i copied the contents of a game, warcraft III, to my hard disk and then installed the game from my hard disk hoping that i will be able to play the game without having the disk in the drive, it failed. It prompted for the disk. Is there a way of playing a game in this manner?

Assuming you have the ORIGINAL, legal copy of course :bigsmile: Instead of copying the contents to a folder, make an ISO image of your CD or DVD - Open that ISO image with Alcohol or Daemon Tools and mount it - you will get an emulated CD/DVD device and install it the same way you do from your “original” CD/DVD :smiley: Assuming also that there is no copy protection that require the original CD, you’re on your own after that :slight_smile:

There is a tool called Game Jackal, which will do what you are looking for, but be aware that it will work only if you have the ORIGINAL, legal copy :slight_smile:

thanks a lot i will download it

Just a reminder, this is NOT a crack engine and this does NOT defeat or remove the copy protection of your games - people get confused with this. You WILL require to provide your ORIGINAL discs, otherwise you are wasting your time.

Here is the link for those interested: