I have made a 1:1 backup of Platoon using the latest Clone cd and the Scout 2.2 final with my liteon 4012485w
I have just used the latest Scout Easyscan 1.0 to scan my back up it says that it is Safedisc 2.80 and can only be copied using blindwrite 4.23 or higher.
Is that a fact, if so why was I able to make a perfect backup using Clone cd ?

Scan the .exe on the disk with this or this and check the exact version of the prot

Hi Futureproof,
I have just used prot detector on the exe on the disc and it says the exact version is Safedisc - 2.80.10:




? hehe, SDA is more accurate

Originally posted by jellybelly
…why was I able to make a perfect backup using Clone cd ?
Luck? A known bug in SafeDisc most likely

Futureproof Thanks for the safedisc analyser and yes i might have just been a tad lucky

hi jellybelly & futureproof

Im with you jellybelly I have made a 1:1 copy of platoon using
the same settings as you with clonecd and scout

so there must be a really lot of bad safe disc about

i live in the UK but probably no where near jellybelly

must be a bug around

The nicest thing about standards is that there are so many of them to
choose from.

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