Platinum v3.0.3.9 Split Burning Glitch

Split Burn Speed Setting is not retained, or, if it is, it’s an undesireable “Feature” change.

Every Burn on a Split is preceeded by an annoying “Speed Selection” pop-up, and Checking “Save as default” doesn’t get rid of it.

“Recommended” has worked perfectly for me for 2 years. I would suggest if you want to provide a “Prompt” option, add a Check Box, or add it to the Drop Down List as alternatives to annoying everybody else.

Clone doesn’t have the problem, so it’s probably a Glitch.


Actually, Clone just did it to me also…

This is a new function that pops up if speed setting is not compatible with the disc. Beta (11/21/2006)

  • New: You can set exact write speed in “Settings” window now. If media doesn’t support the write speed, a pop up window will ask you which speed to use3.0.3.9 Beta (11/21/2006)



I read the Release Notes and understood what the New Feature meant. I’m saying it doesn’t work right! My Plextor 716A burner hasen’t changed nor has my TYG03 DVD-R Media which burns at CAV 16X.

The closest thing to the old setting which was “Recommended” is “Fastest” which is what I selected. The VSO engine logging of the burn events hasn’t changed.

The only thing that’s changed is, I get pop-ups requiring that I Confirm/Select Write Speed…Which of course is “Fastest!”

Please fix…