Platinum v3.0.3.8 and Da Vinci Code SE (R1)


I Split Disc 1 (Movie) and Cloned Disc 2 (Bonus Material). All operations went completely normally, though the results are far from normal. The Bonus Material written to DVD-R is fully functional and plays normally.

The Movie, Split on to 2-DVD-Rs, has an unreadable UDF File System on both DVD-R Discs. The Discs mount normally in the DVD-ROM Drive with the Volume Label and Folders visable on Disc 1, but if I play PowerDVD or Click on the VIDEO_TS Folder, the Operating System throws, “E:\VIDEO_TS is not accessible. The Disk structure is corrupt and unreadable.”

UltraIso throws, “Unsupported UDF volume!” IsoBuster (v1.9.1) reads Disc 1 just fine and can’t find any “problems” with the Disc or the File System and is able to extrract the files to the hard drive which play fine with PowerDVD.

Disc 2 has a Volume Label, but is empty, or, at least IsoBuster doesn’t see any files. In looking at the Disc (I also watched it burn!), it’s written nearly to the rim and properly closed.

I’ve checked all the other Discs ripped with v3.0.3.8 and Da Vinci Code is the only one with this problem, and it’s the first time I’ve seen it.

What’s up?

What is the Media ID on your discs?

Off topic question between IsoBuster (v1.9.1) and UltraIso which do you beleive to be best. I am thinking of buying IsoBuster (v1.9.1) as have been running free version. there seems to be more support for IsoBuster, but have used trial of UltraIso and MagicIso.




IsoBuster and UltraIso are both wonderful tools and quite different from each other. Among other things, IsoBuster is the “King” at Reading bad or damaged Media, recovering lost data and reading gobble-de-gook CD/DVD file Systems, like my reported problem. Oh, with it, I was able to recover all the Files on Disc 2, but more on that below…

UltraIso, among other useful features, is basically a very compact stand-alone replacement for Nero and EMC, both of which I also own, but rarely use any more for basic Projects and burning…Of course you don’t get all Bells-and-Whistles, which I normally don’t want anyway! If you work with a lot of Media and ISO Images, both tools are highly recommended, as are many others, depending on what specific problem you need a solution for!

Anyway, I had some time to kill and some Media that I didn’t mind wasting, so I re-Split Da Vinci Code Disc 1, and I have Readable File Systems on both DVD-R Discs. I also Cloned Disc 1 to a Verbatim DL +R without issue and also have a Readable File System. I haven’t watched the Movie yet…I seem to just like copying them!

The success with Da Vinci Code jogged my memory. I had exactly the same problem with Underworld - Evolution. After getting twisted out of shape over it, I did exactly the same thing and had success on the second Split. So, I guess that this “flakey” issue has been lerking for a bit…