Platinum(Ritek) CD-R writes 32x on 40x burner only

hi my new Pioneer DVR-112D cddvdburner does this odd thing:

when I insert a Platinum 52x CD-R (Ritek) software like Nero and Cd-speed etc. switch back from 40x to 32x writing speed as the maximum speed supported for this disc, while on my old LITE-ON cddvd burner the same disc gives a 40x maximum burning speed

a) why does my Pioneer not allow to burn this disc @ 40x while the specifications of the burner say: 40x max CD-R writing speed ?

DVD’s use MEDIACODE so that the firmware knows which brand the DVD+R is but CD’s use ATIP and when I use MediaCodeSpeedEdit to read out my pioneer firmware it doesn’t list ATIP-codes with the corresponding maximum write-speed for different brands of CD-R media (and after all this Ritek CD-R says 52x and can be burned 40x on my Lite-On burner)

b) with no firmware CD-R brands table, how can the firmware decide 32x is the fastest speed for this 52x Platinum (Ritek) CD-R ?

One of two things is possible. Either there is no match in the firmware and it defaults or someone at Pioneer has made a decision to limit that media at 32X. I found this to be the case with older Ritek R03 8X media where many firmware writers decided Ritek was crazy and they limited the speed to 4X. In any case, it is one of those things you have to deal with. I have found that the best burns come from nearer to 20X in any case and I am not worried about saving a few seconds.

Possibly newer firmware will change this.

Since this is more about various burners’ write speeds on a disc, rather than testing software itself, I’ve moved this thread from the Media Identifying/Testing Software forum. :wink:

hehehe, I know Ritek isn’t a good brand but since CD-R format has been outdeveloped much more than DVD-+R and the DATA-pits are greater and the recording-track(spiral) is much looser wound than that for a DVD recordable I figure thats the reason that so far i’ve never had trouble with these Ritek CD-R’s, but I stay FAR from DVD recordables made by them :slight_smile:

when I test the CD-R that I burned on my pioneer DVR-112D on my Lite-On with Kprobe2 I get only 0,14 average C1 and 0 C2 errors. (tested on 12x read speed) good huh !

I can live with the 32x write limitation but I just didn’t get WHY it didn’t burn 40x (DVR-112D can burn CD-R on 40x) , so I posted this question :slight_smile:

I tried looking hard where my post should belong before posting so I am very sorry I finally ended up in the wrong place alltogether :frowning:
Thanks for correcting it !

Some drives really do limit certain discs. Some overspeed CDs. It all depends on the media and drive. Looks like you have a combination similar to my Sony CDs, which most of my drives only offer to write at 32x.

Actually, most here have found that Ritek CDs are very good. When I find them, they are excellent. It is the DVDs that are landfill.

:stuck_out_tongue: once I loose trust in a brand name I can be a hard one to reconvince :slight_smile: I will burn these CD-R’s (I still got 50 :frowning: ) and then get another brand