Platinum questions for the new kid on the block

Hi I recently purchased the full platinum package from the main site it included Gold, Express, CSS Free Pro, and Ultr DVD. I cannot get the Ultra to work (no biggie) but I am confused on the Gold/Express when I have these lg dvds that usually takes two dvds in gold to copy can they be copied through express and will they be viewable?

Yes, no and it all depends…seriously, not trying to be a smarta$$. The amount of compression that’s ok is dependent on a lot of variables, eg., main movie vs. complete disc, source (TV, studio disc - how much the original was compressed), viewing monitor/screen, burn, etc., etc. Many ppl. feel down to about 80% is the limit. I’ve gone to 67-70 % or so with good results, down to 53-55% on some TV series, but this is not a hard and fast rule. If you want more info, just do a search on the forum, this topic has been covered in-depth.

Sorry, I have platinum, never used CSS Free Pro, and Ultra DVD.

Hi one last quick question is I like to make two back ups of my privately owned movies is there a way to set Gold to make two copies rather than one at a time?

I don’t think there’s an option for this specific task…

Anyway, you can keep the rip intact…either choose NOT to delete the temp folder, or create a folder to save to and then just burn from this, ie., just choose the folder as your source, instead of the disc. This way, you want have to rip again and you have to burn twice anyway.