Platinum Or Not

Been a user of Express for a while. Is it worth to upgrade to Platinum, I see alot of people have problems with it. Never had any problems with Express don’t want to mess up a good thing.

I think it depends on your specific needs. First off, if you upgrade, express will continue to work as before…both express and gold are complete and separate applications. Personally, I don’t use gold nearly as much as express, but gold works great for splitting to 2 SL discs if you’re not burning DLs. These days, I use it mostly for series bkups, it works great and doesn’t cause me any problems. You should still be able to trial platinum for 30 days, just make certain you have your reg key for the paid version of express. Overall, I’m glad I have platinum.

I agree with Tom, since Platinum is Express and Gold with each operating independent of each other for 20 bucks you can have best of both. Bought separate Express or Gold cost a little less that $40. Platinum which is the same as if you bought the programs separately costs a little less than $60. Both will do some of the same tasks, but each has their differences. Express will compress but will not split a disc. Gold will split a disc but cannot compress. The later versions above ( I think this is right version) Gold has the ability to copy a DL or burn ISO to HD. Before Express was the only one that would burn DLs but there have been some problems with layer break depending on how much of a perfectionist you are.


Thank you guys for the info.