Platinum now cmc mag E01

:cop: Appears that platinum moved to cmc mag E01. It used to be ricohjpn02 and I must say that after some testing Ive better results with it as with the ricohs with my plex 716. Are there more people that noticed ā€¦???

Platinum 8x DVD+R have been RICOHJPN02 or CMC MAG E01 for some time.

Where I use to order Platinum media it was noted, that you either got RICOHJPN02 or CMC MAG E01.

For myself (I live in the netherlands ) I have had never these cmcs untill now. It was always ricoh. So I thought it was news but considering your reply it has been always thes both mediacodesā€¦

You have been lucky only getting RICOHJPN02.

I received the CMC MAG E01.