Platinum..more Copies

in the next version…everytime i burn a movie in paltinum…i want to make like 2 or 3 extra copies…but platinum don’t give me that chance…
can this be added in the next version???

Don’t a box pop up with options to [make another copy] or [finish] as i does on mine.


after burning the disc it says finish…that’s it…for another copy ihave to redo all the process again…,nero-recode,clonedvd2 have it…

Mine Does not Give me the option neither.All my extra copies have to be done with Nero.I have to Fab the DVD,then Shrink it,Then Use Nero to copy the image to make duplicates,The whole process to copy a DVD takes me 1 hour for a master copy,Then after Nero copies the image I can spit out copies Every 7-8 minutes,I make about 10 copies of every new release.I use my powers for Evil and not goodness-HAHAHAHA.

Which version are you using? I have not upgraded to the latest version one version behind, but mine gives you a chance to burn another copy when in Express mode. If you are using Gold mode, make sure the [delete temp file] is not checked. I am having a problem with my blood pressure due to another medication, so I cannot move around a lot because it drops when I first stand up. If you cannot get it to work there is a link to a tutorial for Gold in the for help sticky at top of this section that starts with Read First. If you are using Express mode, you can click on the “?” top right corner or PM me your email address and I will send you a copy that I converted to a PDF zip file. It is too large to post on this forum.


This screenshot just taken - Platinum v. (latest version)

This is only a therory that helps me run Advanced programs on my Computer such as FAB.And it is only a Opinion.Here goes,Windows2000 Pro is not perfect,I found that windows allows small bits of info from other software to say"leakout"thes bits of info can find the way into other programs.Therefore causing Glitches in advanced programs such as DVDFAB.I had problems with FAB at first,so i scoured the forums and found this advice.Remove unused programs,use registry fix,or another cleanup program,shut down your computer when done(dont let hibernate).Also I belive Music Downloading and P2P Networks are HORRIBLE for your Computer,And also you may want to lower your firewall down a bit.Lowering your firewall seems to really improve the Performance for running DVDFAB,I am not sure why,but it does.And the last Bit of advice for FAB owners is this.Patience is Virtue,And Always consult the gang here on the Forums before you get mad and give up.

Tom, “ROMANCE”…is that the best example you could show us*&T&%&&(
Messing with you…seriously, can’t remember a version of Express that did not give you the option for another copy…

Yeah, I noticed that after I posted, figured I’d take some heat…lol. Actually, I was backing up Romancing the Stone for my daughter. I’m building a library for her when she’s away at college in the Fall.

Oh hell, no one’s gonna believe me anyway…ok, let’s get it over with…
Maestro, cue the porn music please… :bigsmile:

A word of warning: This forum is not for making libraries for people, it is for making a single backup copy of a movie that you paid for and own. Making libraries and multiple copies is illegal and you must be very careful how you talk about this. Cdfreak could be shut down if it lets this type of conversation continue. [B]Read the forum rules![/B] :cop:

little high and mighty ricoman. Maineman is as honest as they come. And how do you know that this is not a backup of his copy that he is loaning to his daughter?? Bottom line the law and Hollywood say NO copying, regardless if you own it…so the shutdown caution is a little irrelavant, although I agree blatent contrary threads could be suspect…Ban me if you must, if indeed you have the power, but someone has to say it.

Let’s not make this confrontational, I said to [I]be carefull[/I] as a warning. I passed no judgement, but one person said he likes to make 2-3 [B][I]copies[/I][/B] and another that he is building a library. Any person keeping an eye on this forum might assume it is more that backing up going on. Cdfreaks themselves and other loyal users regularly tell posters to be careful what they say. Websites can be shut down, by authorities, for promoting copying or even neglecting to police their site. The Free Use movement is based on the assumption that a consumer is allowed to make a single backup of a movie the he/she purchased, much like software. However, the movie companies and the law as it stands, does not support this position. So, we all have to careful what we write.
P.S. I can’t ban poo! :bigsmile: