Platinum layer break

Anyone remember when FabExpress wasn’t the best choice for DL’s due to stuttering happening a minute either side of the layer break point?

I got AnyDVD and CloneCD for really long films for that reason.

Now I’ve been assured that things are better. However when I did a copy (using FabGold) of Casino Royale onto a DL recently, I chose DVD9 thinking it was going to be a clone. I’ve just read that Platinum, NOT Fab Gold does bit-bit clones.

The layer break point is lovely on the result, no stuttering. However, there is no pause either.

Q1: If Gold didn’t do a clone, then what did it do?

Q2: Has anyone experienced the cloning feature on Platinum to have issues around the layer break point? I’m tempted to upgrade.

Q3: Anyone tried copying an Audio CD or a Data CD using Platinum? (just curious)


Hi m,

The LB issues seen way back with Fab have long since been resolved.
I did some beta testing for Fengtao and VSO back in '06 and early '07.
VSO re-worked their burn engine and resolved the LB issue prior to the release of Fab
I don’t recall the specific non-released beta version (I suppose I could dig it up?) , but it preceeded public release…for sure.

You can still get a pause at the LB on certain discs/machines, but this can and does occur with original discs sometimes too. Still, it’s so fast, it’s a non-issue. I think the last time I saw this was on Seabiscuit, both the original and bkup disc, but again, no biggie.

  1. Gold created a [B]Full Disc [/B]bkup, described as:
    “Full Disc” to copy all movies, menus and trailers to a DVD with just one click".

  2. Personally, I have not experienced an LB issue with [B]Clone mode[/B], [B]Full Disc mode[/B] or [B]Customize mode[/B], since the early beta versions of Fab (pre-release versions).
    Also, I haven’t seen any complaints from other users, but like all software, someone, somewhere, will have a specific issue with almost anything.

  3. Can’t speak to this one…never tried it.