Platinum keeps



I used to use DVDFAB Express to backup my movies. I have now moved onto Platinum. I am trying to convert my old backup discs done under express to avi files. After finally getting the sound issue sorted out (thanks guys) I have now found that everytime I try to open my old backup discs in Platinum the program crashes.

I have noticed this only happens when a DVD title is one letter e.g [T] for The Last Castle. If the copied title is full, say [POSEIDON] then it will convert fine.

Anyone got any ideas???


Does it return an error code or bring up the email box? Can you open the discs and view the files using Windows Explorer? If you can, describe what you see on the screen: volume name, folders, types of files etc. Do these problem discs still play OK?


No error code just the email crash box. The problem may be because I used DVD X Copy Xpress (321 studios) to make my older backup’s. When I try to open them in Platinum the disk is just called C instead of Constantine etc. So Platinum cannot find any info about it, is there any way around it


If the disc will play, in most cases DVDFab should be able to read it. Open the disc with windows explorer and see what it contains. There should be two folders: AUDIO_TS which should be empty and VIDEO_TS which contains all the DVD files. See if there is a file named VIDEO_TS.IFO and other IFO, BUP and VOB files. What version of Platinum do you have? Will it read other discs ok? Do you have DVD Decrypter (not Fab Decrypter) or DVDShrink?