Platinum freezing system

Greetings all from a noob,

Have a problem and hoping someone can at least give me a place to start.

I’ve been using Fab Platinum for a couple of months (since the last 3.x release I believe), and for a couple of months and the three for four times I used it after purchase it worked fine.

But, last week (i was still using 3.x) I started the Fab, and I noticed that it would not recognize any of my optical drive sources. The two drives work fine in every other use/respect.

Apps may freeze from time to time, so I figured I would just shutdown fab, and restart it. so, that is what I did, so I thought.

After the app window disappeared (as app had closed) I attempted to start fab up again, but no window appeared.

I checked Task Manager to see if there was another instance of fab running, and there was. I’ve seen this happen with apps before, and usually not a big deal either.

I attempted to “end process”, but the program instance would not shutdown. I’ve rarely seen this, but have seen it happen nonetheless. So, tried again with no success.

I then tried to use the Shutdown command from the command prompt with the force switch, hoping to force it down, and shut the system down gracefully. But, system would just hang trying to shutdown. I tried just pushing the button hoping ACPI would do the job, and nothing. I eventually just had to kill the power.

After restart, I tried using Fab again, and had the same problem. I even went as far as using third-party process killer (i.e. Killprocess, ProcessExplorer). Once an instance of fab is started, it will not end, period.

And once an instance of Fab is started, it just screws every aspect of the system up. Most applications, including task manager, will usually not start (an instance of the apps will start, but the program windows will never appear). And I will eventually just have to kill the power. If I don’t try to start Fab, I have no problems using my system and can use it till the cows come home.

So, what I’ve done so far…I first tried to update Fab from the 3.x I was using to the new build. That just installed another instance of the program, along with the old (so I had 3.x and 4 at the same time).

I then just did a traditional uninstall of both, and reinstalled 4. same problems.

I then, using the forums, tried disabling pcoffin…same. I then did a clean uninstall (although it isn’t really a clean uninstall, and as my registration info was present after reinstall) and a reinstalled…same problems. In case one of my optical drives was causing a problem, I disconnected them both…same.

So, here I am. I can use my system fine, unless I attempt to use DVDFab Platinum. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help.


is this the instructions you used for uninstalling dvdfab? when i follow these instructions i have to register again.

what other dvd software do you have installed? do you have any running in the background such as dvd idle or anydvd?

Apps may freeze from time to time,…
I eventually just had to kill the power.

thats not good.

do you happen to have external dvd drives? are all your drivers up to date for the type of connection you are using? ive seen where problems like yours was solved by updating the drivers.


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Hi Troy, yep, those are the instructions that I found when I searched for clean uninstall directions. After reinstall it prompted me for my registration, but I just hit exit. Restarted, and looked at the “about” and my registration was there. If need be, I can try the clean uninstall again.

And yes, the freezing is defiantly not good, as I’m running a RAID, and it is not happy right now (the RAID bios is currently in the middle of a verification routine, again).

I don’t even know what dvd idle or anydvd is (yes, I am still a little young and naive), so I don’t think they are running in the background. The only other apps that I have installed, that would be somewhat related are: vlc, handbrake, and autogk, but I don’t see that they are running resident, and they all were there before my fab install.

I also forgot to mention my system config, in the event that it may be needed: mobo - intel 965wh, cpu - 820d, 3g of ddr2 667, 3 sata hdd in raid 5, intel onboard audio, msi 8600 gts, vista business 32bit.

I’ve checked drivers and bios. Everything that I have is up to date with exception of audio. it is one version behind. I can go ahead and update if you think it may play a role.

in fact, here is what I’ll do…i’ll go ahead and try the clean uninstall again, and update the audio drivers just for the heck of it.

It’ll take me probably 45 minutes to an hour to do this, as the RAID is still in the middle of the verification and repair routine, and I would like to wait until its done before having to potentially kill the power again.


yeah seems that dvdfab is freezing because there is a problem communicating with your dvd drive.

as the RAID is still in the middle of the verification and repair routine, and I would like to wait until its done before having to potentially kill the power again.

i dont use RAID controllers myself, but seems like you are not having fun.


Okay…did another clean install, but, injected the license file (double-clicked) before running fab again, so I didn’t see to see if it kept the license info.

As far as the RAID goes, I probably won’t do it again, at least not at level 5. It’s still faster than a traditional sata configuration, but the parity still slows it down some. If I do a RAID again, I’ll probably just do a stripe, and make sure I keep my regular imaging up.

As far as DVDFab having a problem communicating with my drives…I don’t know what to do about that. Nothing else has a problem communicating with my optical drives, and nothing has changed that I can see since installing Fab.


…when I searched for clean uninstall directions…

do a search for dvdfab freezes and see what you can come up with.


Troy, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. With Christmas, and two year old to run after, I’ve been away.

I’ve been looking through the posts, returned with your suggested query, and will continue to look through them, looking for something that I can use. At this point I’m basically just grasping at straws and trying random things, many times redundantly.

So far I’ve just uninstalled (via device manager) the two IDE optical drives, killed the filters, physically removed the drives, and then installed just a new SATA DVD drive that I had.

For the dozenth time, did a clean uninstall, again following stormjumper’s directions, ran a registry cleaner (I use Wise) followed up my a manual search on both the registry and hard drive.

Reset DMA.

Did another install with a fresh download. Did not start Fab, but immediatly did another install. Deleted pcouffin, followed by another install.

Did not inject the license file, but started fab. Of course it forces me to let it look for an update, so while it looks (I guess) for an update, I look at the about section, and the Fab is still licensed to me. I don’t know were else to look for licensing info, but it is always there.

Made the cache and I/O changes suggested in the link to the thread that you have in your last post.

I’ve tried running Fab with my user account, and running as administrator.

Same thing…once Fab starts up, I can make any settings changes available in the application, can min and max window. but, will never find any source, and I cannot close the open instance of the program via any means at all, which in turn keeps me opening most apps, and keeps me from logging off/restarting/shutting down, so I have to kill power.

The only thing that I haven’t tried yet is slicking the drive and reinstalling, and although I really liked the app, I don’t think I’m willing to go that far, as I have no problems with any of the other couple of dozen various apps.

yeah ive just got done doing our christmas eve stops, only be home long enough for this one post and am going back to my dads house for some drinks.

nobody can say your not trying!:clap:

i really wish i could help you more.:confused: this just seems to be something dvdfab doesnt like about your system.:confused: which is really odd but not unheard of. seems to be most of the time just some small conflict which is getting over looked. even one member was having trouble so he reformatted, reinstalled xp pro and and dvdfab would still not run. what he had to do was install version 2981 then install version 4. then for some unknown reason dvdfab started to work??? so do you want to try that?


ps ive sent you a pm

Ok…Ok…I think I’ve found what may have been causing problems, at least tentatively.

Long speculation short. I’m a magicISO user. magicISO has an add on, MagicDisc, which is a virtual CD (image mounter).

I’ve had both installed for…I guess close to a year (however long vista has been out of beta). But, I’ve had MagicDisc turned off (so no virtual drive) for a while, and have had this configuration for a few months (I think I was having a problem with a game, I forget which, the copy protection didn’t like me having a virtual cd or something). So, out of site out of mind.

I was able to run the hd decrypter for 3 or 4 months (with MagicDisk active) with no problems, and later Platinum with it active and not. But, something must have went awry.

Over xmas I was still mucking around, and realized it was still installed. So, I just removed both MagicISO and Magic Disc, disabled a number of startup items, and started using fab successfully.

I was eventually able to let my regular startups come back up with success. and was eventually able to reinstall MagicISO.

So far, I’ve been able to use fab OK three times. But, after initially removing 3.x and going to 4 I was OK a couple of times also, and fab starting having problems again. But, I’m thinking I’m ok. Just have to use a few more times to verify.

Sorry for the trouble Troy. If nothing else, I’m going to try regseeker, as Wise (what I’m using) apparently didn’t do the job for me when I was trying clean up the left overs.


You might try setting DVD > Read > I/O Mode (under Common Settings) to ASPI and SPTI (in turn) instead of Auto; try both and see how they compare. Maybe Auto isn’t choosing the best driver.

[QUOTE=yootzee;1962356]Sorry for the trouble Troy…[/QUOTE]

no trouble, just glad to see your on the right path.