Platinum DVD-R16X media and NEC ND-2500A problem

I have been using a NEC ND-2500A burner for quite some time without problems. However, I recently bought a packet of Platinum DVD-R 16X media and now Nero ( states that it cannot burn.

I have updated the firmware to Herrie’s 1.08 but it still won’t work. Will it work if I use any of the firmware on this page? And if so, what firmware should I try? 2500 or 2510? Original, fast or RPC1?

To be honest I’m a bit clueless about things like bitsettings, RPC1, etc. I’m not a complete newb with computers, but don’t know much about all of this hardware stuff. I would just really like to get my Platinum DVD-R media working.

Thanks in advance for helping!

I have done it!

Liggy’s NEC 2510 bitsetting firmware 2.19 with RPC1 did the job in the end. I can now actually burn faster than before, which is great!

Thread may be closed now, sorry for bothering!

I spoke too soon… I am now getting a ‘No Seek Complete’ error in Nero. DVDs burn partially, but stop at about 75%. Anyone have any clues? I have also tried the original 2510 2.19 firmware now, no improvement though.

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The discs you are trying to burn to might not be in the firmware. So the drive does not know how to burn them.

Unfortunately, Platinum’s not the best media. You could try with some Verbatim or Sony media and see if things improve. :slight_smile:

You will probably have to stick to 8X media if you can or Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim 16X.