Platinum Crashes on 24 season 2 Disk 4

It looks like I cannot get 24 Season 2 Disk 4 to get all the way through Episode 1 on the disk without crashing DVDFab Platinum. I am using the PSP mode, and all of the other episodes are OK. I have run the disk in the DVD player to see if it’s damage, and it seems to play fine. I have tried this on the previous and the new version.

Hi Thom. Try making a DVD to DVD copy of the problem disc to your hard drive using Customize mode and select the No Menus option. You will need to select the correct title(s) on the left unless you want to do one at a time. If this works you can use the files on the HDD as the Source for the PSP conversion instead of the original disc. Hope this works, post back if not.:slight_smile: