Platinum 40x and P4012A - no go!

I went out and bought today a 25cd spindle of Platimun media - the first 40x media to be sold in Greece! I was quite excited about it cauze the only time i burned at 40x was with the media provided with the drive and that was a ong time ago :bigsmile:

I used the PlexTools utility to identify the media manufacturer, which was Ritek (type 7). I used Nero Cd Speed utilitu how fast these babies would burn and got really really disapointed: 24x max!!! Once more my plex baby shows how picky it can get with media :frowning:

I guess i’ll have to wait for other 40x media to become available in the market (and that will probably take a long long time :rolleyes: )

That’s exactly what I know: Ritek can be good, but there’s also crap media made by ritek, and platinum + intenso like to label only the crap media…

I don’t even try platinum any more, since the last ones I saw were PostTech, Digital Storage Technologies and Fornet, all of which are not worth the space they take in my room…

Over here, there’s also a crap media which goes by the label of “CD Kingdom”, manufacturer Gigastorage. It’s rated up to 24x. Previously, when I had the 40125S, smartburn detected it up to 32x.

I changed to a Teac 540E soon after, and guess what it won’t allow me to burn more than 16x.

But here’s the beef, after a burn I always observed that the “ring” burned on the cdr was always uneven epsecially when it was approaching the edge (1-2mm) from the outer edge of the cd. :a