Plastic Logic delays Que e-reader indefinitely



Plastic Logic delays Que e-reader indefinitely.

[newsimage][/newsimage]With many e-readers priced below the $200 barrier, perhaps there's just no room for Plastic Logic's pricey Que ProReader.

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This is quite unfortunate news after a week of good news (for readers) from Amazon and BN. The QUE eReader was one of the few devices that many, including myself, were really looking forward to reviewing. It is aimed at a higher-end market and boasts features that reflect that: A very well designed interface, a highly responsive touchscreen keyboard, and a full sized e-ink screen…all ideal for business documents like excel spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations, word documents, magazines, and newspapers. Oddly enough, you can even process email through the QUE. And of course, books naturally become a joy to read on such a fully featured device.

I’m disappointed that it’s been delayed yet again, but at least they will make sure it is an even better product when they do finally release it. Too much to say here, but I have continued my reaction with some more thoughts on my blog. Please check it out: