Plastic DVD sleeves ? What do you think of these?

I stumbled upon these at Fry’s. They were cheap and I liked that I can see the whole disk when using these (so I can see all of the writing I’ve done on them). Any thoughts about long-term storage with these ?


I never liked these plastic sleeves because a grain of dirt inside them can cause bad scratches. Special sleeves with soft inlay and plastic window would be IMHO a bit better.

Also, make sure they’re polypropylene or polyethylene and [U]not[/U] vinyl. Vinyl exhumes some chemicals that are not good for materials archival life. Ask any photographer about storing negatives.


So how can you tell if it is made of vinyl or polyproplyene? All dvd/cd case does not have any material ingridients listed

I personally only use sleeves like this for temp stuff or if im giving something out. I dont think there ideal for any sort of long term storage. I do how ever have some stuff in these which are sitting uprit in a draw mainly do to the fact i have a newer version of whats on the disc.

Most here will say for long term storage use dvd or cd jewel case’s. I personally have wat too meny discs to do that i do how ever want to keep everything aslong as possible, so im in the process of putting discs in the DJ Style case. I do keep some stuff in cd jewel case’s. If how ever i burn something thats important then in will go in a case no question.

I also would like to know :slight_smile:
I’ve used paper sleeves and they screwed DVDs (PIF/PIE wise) very badly
I “only” use full sized jewel cases to store DVD discs , it is the best way so far except for the fact that next year or so , I will not be able to live in my room because these cases are big :bigsmile:

Too meny burnt disc’s, i know the feeling. Thats why i have changed to those DJ style case’s for most stuff.

If it doesn’t say PP or PE or has recycle symbols with “4” or “5” you’re probably dealing with vinyl (recycle #3).

Vinyl also often has an oily feel to it and the softeners in it make it smell sickly sweet, although that’s not an absolute way to make sure.


What are the sleeves in the DJ Cases typically made from. I just switched to this style of case but I am a little concerned about the plastic.