Plasmon1A DVD-R Problems

I recently bought a 25pk of dvd-r’s the brand is called “Best DVD”. It says on the box that they are 1-8x compatible. However using DvdInfo it says:

Media code/Manufacturer ID                                      Plasmon1A
Format Type                                                      UDF 1.02
Available Write Descriptor                           CLV  4.0x   5540KBps
Write Strategy Speed                                        4.0x 5540KBps

Does this mean that the disc is actually 4x, because in nero I cannot write to it at any other speed than 4x. Is this the certified speed?

I noticed when I read it, it starts at 1x then moves to about 2-3x by the end of reading the disc. When I started copying a 500mb file off one dvd windows was saying it was going to take 8 minutes.
However I backed up one of my dvd’s and DvdInfo was testing the speed starting at 4x but the graph was really spikey. And suddenly dropped to 2x near the end.
When I tested it in Nero CD-DVD Speed it just went at 1x-3x.
I restarted my computer and then in Nero CD-DVD Speed and this is the curve it gave:

I was wondering why would the discs speed be suddenly reduced at the end of the curve? Another test of the same disc had the drop in the curve in a different place.

Then I tested it again a few minutes later and got this one:

Then I tested it in DVDInfo and got this:

Is there any reason for the loss of speed of reading the DVD?

This is one of the spikey results:

I have an LG GSA-4163B with the A100 Firmware.

Any help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Provided you are using quality media and an up to date burner/firmware revision, and quality media then there is no reason to burn at anything but what the media is rated for. As for the tests they mean absolutely nothing. The LG is not a reliable drive to do media testing with and DVDinfopro is one of the worst programs to test with (so the dvdinfopro tests are really meaningless). Lite-On, Plextor, Benq and certain NEC drives with a firmware revision are the only burners that support accurate error-rate scans. Now with all of that said, which country do you live in? The only reason why I ask is because quality media in the US has dropped down low enough that there is no reason to use questionable quality media (ie manufacturer listed above) anymore.

Im from the UK, but unfortunately in my town this was the only DVD media I could find with more than 5 in a pack without going on the internet. But I still don’t understand why after reading the disc once the speed it is read at is halved. Also is it possible to write at the 8x it claims on the box of the DVD’s?


1: This media is most likely low quality.

2: Yes it should write at 8x with drives that is not picky about media (for example BenQ DW1640). The speed shown is the write speed supported by your DVD-Writer.

The LG GSA-4163B does not support Plasmon1A media at all, not even with the latest firmware (A104). See here for a list of all the media codes A104 firmware supports. What the 4163B does when you try to burn media which it does not support is to use a sort of default write strategy. That default strategy will only burn at 4x. That is the reason why you can only burn that media at 4x.

As for the strange behaviour when reading the discs back, I also believe it is the media at fault because it is of low quality. It really might be worth ordering off the Internet in your case, because this media isn’t going to work properly with the 4163B. Even if it does, it might not last very long before it deteriorates and you lose the data on your discs. It’s not worth it.

Thank you very much for the replies they’re great! I have been enlightened :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: