Plasmon demonstrates 30GB disc prototype - not for consumers yet

I just posted the article Plasmon demonstrates 30GB disc prototype - not for consumers yet.

Kenshin used our newssubmit to tell us that optical storage company Plasmon has demonstrated the first prototype of of its new 30GB Ultra Density Optical (UDO) drives and media at the Comdex fair…

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I hope that multireader drives will be available in future to read all these new different high density discs, e.g. CDs, DVDs (inc. +/-R(W)s), Blue-Ray (Sony standard & Toshiba standard), possibly SACDs, UDO and all the recordable and rerecordable versions, etc. Someday, choosing the right discs for your player or recorder will be like choosing the proper ink cartridge for your printer! :wink:

But the compatibility of the CD-ROM and DVD is what made them popular. But now they’re coming out with new disc formats before the previous ones have even been release to market. Will we lose that compatibility?

Disc and drives like this will come - but not for home users any time soon! I still remember the 1 terrabyte story 2 years ago: Hm, 1 Terrabyte of mp3 files is… a lot :slight_smile: