Plasmon CD-R media?

I also seem to have got a 25 pack of these, except for the poor scratch resistance, how many years will these last if treated properly? (kept in thin-diamondcases, in a dark place) Estimation please if possible.

EDIT , mine are cd-r’s , not rw, sorry, misread the thread name, regardless, anyone has any info about it, or should i make a new thread?

Made you a new thread. :wink:

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I had nothing but bad experiences with Emtec branded Plasmon CD-R media.

Every disc I burned managed to develop skipping and jerky playback problems.

And these discs were stored in Jewel Cases.

Oh no, what a misbuy :frowning: .

Edit: Are they still readable though, no matter if slowly ( ie. @ 1x), as I’d still like to use em as backups.

I’ve also tried Plasmon CD-R under Samsung Pleomax brand and under Sony (maybe fake media as the were sold in fake TY cakeboxes of 50 and were MIHK) and both were utterly crap

More details please if possible:
Bad scratch resistance?
Damaged files beyond recover?

Plasmon is a generic (OEM/Demo) stamper code so it could be everything from okay to awful :frowning:

The bad thing about those discs was that I burned them all as Audio CDs. :doh:

When you play the audio tracks from an Audio CD, it automatically plays them at 1x speed.

If you can notice skipping and jerky playback at 1x speed (like I did with those Emtec branded Plasmon CD-Rs), then it’s not exactly a good sign is it? :frowning:

At 1x speed skipping and jerky playback should NEVER happen with a healthy CD.


And those discs were all stored in Jewel Cases as well and there were no scratches on them either.

So it definitely looks like I bought a bunch of bad CD-Rs. :frowning:

So how long should I give these cd’s before replacing, 1 year? 6 months? Mind that It’ll only be burned once, then just stored in diamondcases, in a dark place, not used at all, just kept for backup?

1 second. :wink:

Aren’t you exgaggerating, I have riteks & platinums etc (and those are dvd’s) … at home and they all work fine after at least a year, are these really worse?

Are you saying the file is damaged beyond read immediatly? Somehow I find that hard to believe as a surface scan indicates all is still readable on them?

If surface scan is ok, back those discs up immediately.

The best CD-Rs are Verbatim Super Azo and TY. You can also use ritek Cd-R but I don’t trust them for long term, although some of mine from a long time ago work very well.

Most of CDs with Plasmon’s ATIP are average or crap quality, but I have never any problems with their stability… Even the most of my oldest (6-7 years old) no name ones are still perfectly readable, with no C2 errors…

Was about to ask about Plasmon Data Systems Ltd. cd-rs. I was tempted to buy a spindle of Intenso cdrs, not for the discs mind i just wanted the Metal Tin the discs come in… but if the discs them self are utter crap then i cant even use them for temp and testing stuff.

Ok just did a scan again and all green surface scan, tbh imo these cd’s aren’t that bad, yet…
Don’t have a good scanner myself in my own pc so cant scan for jitter, c1,c2 errors etc…
But this is the info about the cd (write seeds are 52x btw not 32, it says 32 I think cos my burner is only a 32 x burner ):

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc type: : CD-R
Manufacturer: : Plasmon
MID : 97m27s18f
Write speeds: : 4 X - 10 X - 16 X - 24 X - 32 X
Capacity: : 79:59.74
: 703 MB
Extended Information
Usage : General
Disc Status : Closed
Raw Data
0000 - D0 00 A0 00 61 1B 12 00 4F 3B 4A 00 FF FF FF 00 - …a…O;J…
0010 - FF FF FF 00 FF FF FF 00 - …

PLasmon hmm. Find out the real manufacturer and I might be able to say something more about the quality and the longlivety.

First info would be the serial number if there is one !
Because some manufacturers that use plasmon code don’t have a serial number on the disc’s !
I have plasmon disc’s which went bad in less then a year and I have disc’s surviving up to 6 years and still looking ok and disc’s which are slowly degrading which burned excellent but now are degrading !

It are Hema cd’s, basicly a kind of dutch shop selling all kinds of stuff…


Or T102I22AX15700B2
(cant read it ok)

Hmm picked a 2nd CD and has a diff SN:

A 3rd also has a diff sn.

The cakebox itself is an odd one, 1st one ive seen, on bottom it has a logo:

Patent pending



, the box cover says:

and on opposite side:

pp 5