Plasma pong!

this game is schweeeeeet! I’m totally addicted :doh:
I can’t seem to get past lvl 24 :sad:
sandbox mode is hours of fun too (rolling56 will like this one me thinks :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: )

so has anyone else tried it yet?

You rang :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry i missed this post :doh: I’ll look at it in a little while. The screen shots look kewl :slight_smile:

That’s pretty wild. I’ll have to send this to a friend of mine. He will like it too :cool:

I’m getting 60 fps with default settings. Is that about right?

I think it limits fps @ 60, you can probably max everything out with your rig :cool:
I’m pushing 48fps @ 1280x1024 with near max settings and 10k particles

the fluid dynamics and colors blow my mind :bigsmile:

yeah it looks pretty kewl. I was playing with it earlier and my wife walked by and said my daughter would like to play it :bigsmile: I went to the forum and looked around. A lot of people like it :cool:

The more i play with the settings in Sandbox the more fun it is. The game is kewl too though.

Anyone else try this out? It makes crappy quality scans look very lame :iagree: :bigsmile:

Looks cool, will try it.

What do yeah think? Pretty kewl i think :cool: