Plasma or LCD Which is better?



I am currently looking at new TVs, I can get a 55" Sony Grand Wega HD Stereo TV for 1274.00USD 1080i. The same TV in Panasonic but Plasma is a little cheaper, I was wondering the difference.:confused:


[B]Plasma Pro’s[/B]
Cheaper than LCD’s if buying 37" or larger screens
Has better shades of color namely black, LCD’s display black to a more grey looking color, but this all depends on the manufacturer
Slightly better refresh rate than LCD
No ghosting
Viewing angle is about the same as LCD

[B]Plasma Con’s[/B]
Can’t hold still images because of possibility of burn-ins
Not available smaller than 37" screens like LCD’s
Burn-in problems leave images on screen, however some manufactuers have built-in devices to prevent burn-in problems on the screen, there’s no guarantee though
Plasma has problems in high altitude
Consumes More Energy than LCD screens
Larger and thicker than most LCD displays
Plasmas are very fragile
Plasmas are harder to wall mount because of their size and weight

[B]LCD Pro’s[/B]
Can hold still images i.e. computer without burn-ins
Very thin, good high contrast
light weight easily wall mountable
very sharp/clear/crisp text at its native resolution
No screen burn-ins to ever worry about
Consumes less energy than plasmas
Darker black colors are starting to improve
Ghosting is nearly gone, older LCD’s had problems with ghosting
Less fragile than plasmas
Available lower than 37" screen size
Viewing angle is typically the same as plasma
[B]LCD Con’s[/B]
Cost more than plasma
less richer colors than plasma
ghosting may still occur on some models
projection LCD types need bulbs to replaced
prone to pixel failure

But when we buy TV sets we buy for picture quality, not the technology. I would compare picture quality between the two before choosing.


go with LCD (plasma is a dying breed)


Consider that LCD’s tend to do poorly with lower res images, and evaluate this carefully before buying. Much of the content you will be viewing will be lower res. Rear projection sets are equaling or even surpassing both LCD and Plasma, especially with SD content. JVC D-ILA is an example, but there are others. More screen for the money in many cases. They all look fine with 1080 content, but how much of that you will actually be watching should be considered.


Thanks for the replies. I think I will go with the Sony Grand Wega LCD. It is 55" an has a fantastic HD picture. For 1274.00USD, this is a very good deal as I have shopped extensively for this. I just wanted to run it by others who may have already made a similar purchase . Thanks again.:clap: Most of the content I will be watching will be HD broadcast in 1080i, thats the whole reason for the purchase. :wink:


Uhm… are you really looking at a Plasma / LCD?
For that price you really have to be looking at a back projection TV and/or DLP which is another story. For DLP/Back projection I have no idea since they’re extremely rare here in Europe (at least in Nordics) most likely because of their poor performance and Plasma/LCDs are getting cheaper all the time. If you want to stay at your current price range I’d say without a doubt Panasonic TH-42PX600 (PX60 is slightly cheaper but without some extras such as front speakers and card reader, the speakers are in the back instead). It’s a very good plasma TV for its price and it are praised by both reviewers and home users ( 50" is around 1500$ (PX60) so its a bit more expensive…
To be honest I dont think you should have a look at LCDs as it seems you want as large as possible, at least I get that impression.
If you’re going to consider LCDs I’d highly recommend Sharp LC-42D62U, its quite expensive but you’ll get an awesome TV with 1080p (which also is supported if you want to hook up a computer to it). You can find lots of information about it at although it is noticably more expensive than the Panasonic plasmas.
If you want to have a discussion about it feel free to ask, I’m pretty “knowledgeable” when it comes to TVs :slight_smile:


I sure wish there were more larger CRT HDTV options than there are. If there were something in the 40" range I’d prefer it to plasma or LCD… longer life and sharper picture. Better dynamic range too.

I think for me, someone who likes sports, that plasma will work better than LCD, but you definitely don’t want to leave your TV turned onto the weather channel for hours. If you trust the people in your household to religiously turn it off when it’s not being used, you’ll get maximum life out of the screen and minimal burn-in.

People tend to be lazy about turning TVs off but this laziness really costs you if you have LCD and (particularly) plasma. Even with a screen saver option, the life of LCD or plasma is lower than CRT. Still, even CRTS suffer noticeably if they aren’t turned off when unneeded.


Hi DiiZzY: The only reason I perfer the LCD over the Plasma is because I have heard that Plasmas are a dying breed. I am very glad you responded as I have great respect for your knowledge as I do for all the people that respond to my posts. The Sony I am currently looking at is not a back projection, you can hang it on the wall. I have put alot of time into looking at these TVs, it is not the issue of " The largest" although I do want something over 50". It is the KDF55E2000 Model. The original price was over 2500.00USD , now 49% off at 1274 at 5thAve Electonics here in the USA. I will take alook at the Sharp you mentioned with 1080p. Thankyou and everyone for their feedback.:clap:


Just a small post for now (I’ll write a better one when I get home)…

Keep in mind that Rear Projection is not the same as a plain Plasma (which isnt by far a dying breed btw) or LCD.


Extemely interesting. Alot of which I never would even have guessed. Thankyou, I might have to rethink this whole purchase now. It seems I was looking at the wrong technology.:iagree: Thanks DiiZzY:clap:


Another good source for information on big screen tv’s, is Like you, I looked around a bit. I really liked the sony grand wega picture, but it is rear projection. I read alot of comments about the high price of the lamp, and the frequency of needing replacement, and that is what changed me to look at plasma and lcd. I saw some really good plasma tv’s for a good price. I finally decided to settle for a Samsung 40" LCD. The picture to me was as good as anything in the store, the price was about the same as plasma, it uses much less electricity, it is lighter, and the life expectancy is the highest of all (except for the old CRT). I have a pretty big living room, and I’ve found that I really didn’t need a 55 to 60" tv. I am very happy with the 40". But it was really close between it, and a 50" Magnavox Plasma. While I was in Circuit City, I compared a bunch of TV’s and I spent at least an hour going back and forth, looking at picture quality, viewing angle, etc. The Magnavox Plasma had a better picture (to me), than many of the other Plasma’s, LCD’s and rear projection tv’s, at a really nice price. I have always bought my TV’s by using this method, and I’ve never been disappointed. But I sure did like the picture on the 55" Grand Wega. :slight_smile: I just didn’t want to think about replacing a lamp at the tune of around $200.00, every 3 years or so.


Alan. I was just window shopping at Best Buy yesterday and this unit stopped me in my tracks. They had all the TV’s playing the same thing but this literally stood out from the rest for picture quality. Expensive though $4200.00 Canadian but it may be worth a look. If I would have had the cash on hand it would be sitting in my house right now.:wink: I can only imagine what Blu Ray would look like.:eek:


Thanks crossq I will take a good look at it, I am being very picky about this purchase as I do not want to be disappointed.:disagree:


Was planing to buy hdtv for a half of the year,did alot of research.Bougth Samsung lcd 32" very good tv.


Hey alan1476, here is another site for you to look at. Some interesting information can be learned.

The T.V. market is only going to get more interesting when the laser T.V. will hit the consumer market early 2008.

More comparisons here but I think you get the point.

A interesting note.

The display element in plasma TVs is actually a glass substrate envelope with rare natural gases compressed therein. So, at high altitudes (6,500 feet and above), an air-pressure differential emerges, which causes plasma displays to emit a buzzing sound due to the lower air pressure. This noise can sound rather like the humming of an old neon sign. NEC has been effective in producing several plasma models that are rated to 9,500 feet.

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IMO, LCD is the way to go because they last longer than plasma and don’t suffer from the burnin problems, not to mention the specs are getting better all the time and the prices have been plummeting lately. personally, I can’t stand rear projection TVs because of the viewing angle (even though they have improved greatly over the last decade or so)

I really like this one, but its 3" too wide for my cabinet :sad:|1||P_SignDesc1&Sp=C&topnav=


I would be a bit careful with Samsung in general, usually they are quite overpriced compared to other “known to be good” brands and they at least earlier some interesting “features” such as not being able to disable picture processing or run a computer at 1080p (if its a 1080p panel). Keep in mind that all contrast ratios Samsung put up are dynamic contrast (well, eveything above ~2500 is that no matter what brand it is for a LCD).

And for those nagging about “burn-in issues”, have you even had a somewhat recent model of a good Plasma TV? The issue is mainly during the first 100 hours or usage, otherwise you have to work hard to get a burn-in…


](|1||P_SignDesc1&Sp=C&topnav=[/QUOTE) Dear jwill427: Congrats on your new Mod position. You deserve it. :clap:
Thanks for the feedback I am reading all these articles and the one that platinumsword linked to about Laser TV is unbeliveable, they are supposed to be better and cheaper than Plasma or LCD. I am so mixed up, I am currently going though all the specs and when I narrow my choices down to 3 I will post them. Thanks everyone for all this great feeback.


Thanks Alan :slight_smile:

things will get really interesting when the laser TVs come out :smiley:


It almost seems worth waiting for. I wonder if they will be out this year.:confused: Laser TVs ( unreal).:slight_smile: