Plasma, LCD and Laser-TV


I’m thinking of buying a new TV for a while now. First I wanted to buy a huge plasma screen but then I heard about Laser-TV and now I think I’ll wait another few month and go for a Laser-TV.

In the latest news I found they said that Laser-TVs will be sold starting by the end of 2007. What you guys think, is this realistic? Anyway, if they start in 06/2008 then I’ll probably wait.

What you think about Laser-TV in general?

I have heard of SED T.V.'s but not laser yet. Hmmm I am curious as well and on the hunt. I was thinking between the LCD or Plasma at 42" or 50" no HD-TV or DLP’s either for me.

Your best value, by far, is a DLP projection set. Any of the better units, (I like JVC) will meet or exceed the image quality on LCD or plasma at a fraction of the cost. If you don’t believe that, go look at some and compare. If you’re concerned only with HD images, and plan to never watch anything else like DVD or satellite, then it might be advisable to look at high-end sets. But the fact is that there really isn’t much out there with enough image quality to make much difference. Even the 720p sets are more than adequate for 99% of the available material. All the rest is smoke and mirrors.

A lot of it is just marketing.

Best thing to do is just got and look at a bunch of them in the stores near you. Then go home and get online to look for the best price on what you liked best. See them with your own eyes.

Also make sure it has all the features you want/need and see them for yourself.

Thanks for the suggestions so far but I want either a Plasma or a LCD unit due to the fact I plan on hanging it on the wall and DLP’s can’t be done like this.

Hi Dr. go have a long look at them :slight_smile: I hope money is no object? Plan on spending some bucks when you find the one you like :iagree:

They are not too bad now still high but reasonable. I found a few between 2000 - 3000. If I upgrade the T.V. I might as well aim high. :smiley: still using a 27" standard tube T.V. right now. :smiley:

I have a 40" HD Sony CRT and love it. I’ve seen some widescreens that i would like to have also. I couldn’t tell you the model or brand though.

Most DLP’s only need an 18"x36" shelf to sit on and weigh very little.

I’d have a look at Sharp’s XD1E-series or XL1-series
Superb picture and very good bang for the buck (XD1E-series).

Hi DiiZzY, I have not seen those models in the USA as of yet. But maybe I am looking in the wrong places. LOL.

Alan what did you end up getting when you were looking a little while back?

@ alan1476
As I stated in
LC42XD1E is LC-42D62U in the US.
XL would be 82-series