Plantronics suggestions needed

I am looking for a headset with mic. I think Plantronics is a good brand, but don’t know about analog vs USB, which model, where to find good reviews and where to buy.

That’s what I use. It’s USB.
I never even laid my eyes on Plantronics…Too expensive for my tastes.

If you’re using you motherboard onboard sound and have no sound card, USB is the way to go. sells both Logitech and Plantronics.

I have a Plantronics USB headset that I use for VOIP when I’m out of the country. Yes, it’s pricey, and I have no idea how it stacks up against any competitors. When I got it, it was all that was available at my location.

The laptop I take on the road with me has a known issue where there is a hum on the mic input. I was able to get around this by using a USB headset. That was the reasoning behind the purchase.

Having said that, it’s well made, sturdy, and the audio is crystal clear. $40, and I have no idea but what a $15 unit from Best Buy might perform just as well.

Do a side by side comparison is your best bet.