Plans to make triple layer 51GB HD-DVD discs



I just posted the article Plans to make triple layer 51GB HD-DVD discs.

Following the annoucement that Verbatim are to ship 30GB dual layer HD DVD-R discs comes this news found over at engadget.
One of the Powerpoint slides at CES reads that they want to "expand…

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hd dvds in any form can be interesting if they succeed in keeping costs per megabyte lower than bd in a sensible way.


Wow… this really shows you how desperate Toshiba is to turn the tide in the recordable media format war. Reading between the lines the announcement basically says: “We don’t know if it’s actually possible or not, but we’d like to adjust the format after releasing it, which may or may not create compatability problems with existing devices, in an attempt to SLIGHTLY one-up the competition… oh yeah, despite not knowing if it’s possible, we have a planned release date”. I mean seriously, this is stupid.


Yes BRD has a storage advantage but for the consumer not much else. Which more specifically, means that where my MOVIES are concenred I am VERY happy with HD DVD and as Shadowman69 stated… If they can keep cost/megabyte lower, than I do not need movies on BRD. HD DVD is plenty big for movies – I have to try all the formats and thus had/have laser video discs— two sides or two discs for the extended Lord of the Rings on HD DVD would be NO PROBLEM as long as I can save some money and get a top notch transfer (which IN COMBINATION is only currently available on HD DVD). I suppose I also agree with Dolphinius_Rex that the announcement is in fact “stupid” but it is because I think it is completely unnecessary where movies are concerned. Toshiba: Don’t fix or pretend you need to fix what isn’t broken — esp. when you are trying to sell it.


I agree backmeup, same thing about DVD, they where talking big about dual layer, what happend, nothing. Most people are still using singel layer dvd-r or dvd+r. This is why blu-ray will probably fail. It is much cheaper for the industry to produce HD-DVD, they only need minor changes to the allready build factorys etc. Plus I think this will keep the media cost down and prices will drop fast. And becaus the only difference with the two formats is space, why choose bluray ? As long as all movies released on HD-DVDs are in 1080p (even if the player can’t playback that high quality) you can still get 720p (downsized). So in one year or two when hd-dvd takes of all the movies will allready be in 1080p. :smiley: Blu-ray is a good format, but they should have keeps it under development. It should have been the next step from hd-dvd. So bluray discs could probably have been something like 100Gb singel side or larger instead. Bah