Planning to get a lite-on SHW-160P6S

hi, im new here. im planning on getting a LITE-ON Black ATAPI/E-IDE DVD Burner Model SHW-160P6S and an external enclosure for newegg and i wanted to know what good dvd media should i buy for it? there are so many brands out there i’ve looked but still not too sure. i don’t know if they would work or not and i don’t know if i should get dvd-r or +r. i watch alot of anime and have many files on my comp that i want to burn and watch on my dvd player. i hope that info helps out a bit. if anyone has this burner and can recommend blank dvds for it, it’ll help me out a lot. thanks! :wink:

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The best media for any burner are the same: Taiyo yuden, Verbatim, Sony and fuju “Made in Japan”, and Plextor “Made in Japan”

thanks for the quick reply! with dvd-r and dvd+r, is one better than the other? what do u think about ritek or ridata?

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I suggest you to avoid ritek and ridata discs. They are really bad media.

The very best are that I suggested in my previous post. They are costly, but are the very best available right now

No to Ri-anything! Agree with Geno, plus the (Made in Japan) Maxell +Rs burn very well on my burners.


Your liteon drive will be able to do error scanning. I would stronglly sugest you buy good media in small quantities, error scan the burned disks, and if they burn good, keep useing that media. Others have already mentioned a few. You cannot buy branded taiyo yuden in stores (in the US anyway), only online, but made in japan fuji, sony, and I think plextor are in fact taiyo yuden. Maxells made in japan are maxell media codes and are good too.

As far as + or -, it has been though that they were equivalent for a long time, and it just mattered what your burner liked (liteons usally like + media beter), but it has came to light that +r technically has beter error corection and therefor might have an advantage burn quality wise.

Also, defanatlly look at media in terms of media codes/id’s or whatever you want to call them. Download dvd identifier and check the id on the disks you buy. Made in japan disks that are suposed to be taiyo yuden should have media codes that start with yuden, taiyo yuden, or ty(g), maxell media codes start with maxell or mxl, the good verbatiums start with mcc or mkm. These media codes identify the true actual manufacture of the disk. You cannot go by brand. You can get maxell disks that are made by ritek or ricoh for instance. Many other brands dont even make media and only use others stuff like khypermedia. Some companies like memorex (the whore of all media companies), gets it from many diffrent manufactures.

Forgot a couple of things, I third that ritek (or ridata that is probably ritek) is crap. Also, if in the US, defanatlly buy these medias when on sale (watch the bargain basment or ask) as it makes a HUGE diffrence in price. If you pay more than 15$ per 50 disks, you are getting ripped off because you can get the best medias made (in the US anyway) for that price.