Planning to buy Pioneer 217 BK

Hi guys,

I’m planning to buy a Pioneer DVR-217 BK, and is wondering how good is this drive. Does anyone already have it? Could I get a review whether it’s a good drive or not?


It’s a very good drive, go for it! :iagree:

You can see plenty of burn results in the “Results & Discussion: PIONEER DVR-217/D/F/VXL, S17/S17J” thread. All these drives you see in that thread are in fact identical in hardware … they only differ slightly in firmware (which adds or removes different additional features such as DVD-RAM support, Labelflash, etc). The writing startegies are the same for the same firmware revision, so all should be burning pretty much the same.

Furthermore any 217 drive can be crossflashed to a 217L (aka S17J) which will give you a fully featured drive :wink: You can also mod the 1.07 firmware with ala42’s MCSE to get bitsetting, make the drive region free and remove riplock. All in all it can’t get better than that :bigsmile:

thanks for the reply, cvs :slight_smile:

BTW, does this drive also automatically change DVD+R DL into DVD-ROM?

[QUOTE=keigo_kanzaki;2312122]BTW, does this drive also automatically change DVD+R DL into DVD-ROM?[/QUOTE]

Yes, right out of the box. Not SL though. To gain SL bitsetting, use Media Code Speed Edit on the firmware (like cvs said).

thanks :slight_smile: