Planning to buy new burner



Hey, new user here. I was wondering out of these which ones should I get? I’m looking one with dvd-ram write. I was thinking about getting the lite-on 165h6s.


Lightscribe is not needed by the way. Hope you guys can help me make a good purchase :cool:


That’s a good choice. LG GSA-4167B/H10A are also good. Avoid BenQ DQ60.


Yes I agree with [B]agent003[/B] that’s a good choice, just brought the Lite-On 165P6S it’s the same as the 165H6S with out Lightscribe but also writes DVD-RAM and it’s been great, Like it so much been thinking of buying another one. :slight_smile:


thanks for the replies. I decided to get the lite-on 165h6s. :cool: