Planning to buy dvd burner to replace my Benq 1620, which should i buy?



2)NEC 3540A
3)Benq 1640
4)Liteon 1693S
Which? I am after write quality not record time.


Read the following and do more homework by reading already opened thread on this subject, you will find what is best for you.


Buy all of those plus the 109! :slight_smile:
Any of those are a great choice. Go for it!


WHat happen to your BenQ 1620?

The thread TCAS mentioned above is, IMO, due to BenQ 1620, NEC 3500/3520, Plextor 712A/716A, LG 4163, and older drives. Pointing to that thread hardly answer the question since the drives in question are new. The 1640 is not even out in the US yet. Maybe someone should make a new poll based on specific drives --not brand, but later when 1640 is out for a while for a fair poll…


I personally would defenitely go for the LG GSA-4163B, but they’re all good drives.

You can find a review off the Lite-On here.

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A first look on the NEC, you’ll find here