Planning on getting a new computer

I am wondering whether I should upgrade my computer, to something nice and fast because my computer is getting on a bit. Is this a good time to upgrade or should I wait a bit? I mean this in the sense of prices, are any of the newer bits likely to drop dramatically in price after something I don’t know about being released, and upgrades etc and new things coming out soon or not too far in the future. Also, is Vista any good yet? I heard it wasnt too great when it was released.

I am aiming to get a Direct X 10 graphics card (nVidia 8000 series maybe?), a reasonable processor (I am thinking AMD possibly) but I dont know whether to get dual or single core, because I hear they both have advantages and disadvantages. I would like at least a gig of RAM, possibly more.

Could anyone please give me some advice and opinions and if you wish to, post some examples of computers that I might buy. (Please use british buying sites in £ such as My price range is around £1000-2000. I want to get a computer that can last me awhile, don’t want it going out of date too soon. Thanks a lot!

will you be reusing your monitor, or will you need a new monitor in the price? I’m assuming you want a gaming rig due to your price range and that you want dx10? are you going to be overclocking or leaving it stock?

if you are a gamer, then the 8800 series is the only way to go. Gaming in XP requires 2gb these days to be smooth, I don’t have vista, but I’ve read that you need 4gb to game smoothly in it. either way you will definitely want dual core

Yes I currently have a nice monitor so that is not factored into the price, I think you are right with the 2gb+ RAM, so I will definatley have that.

A gaming rig it will be! Want it fast, mega fast. Crysis looks good… want to run that on high settings, or will i need a higher budget for that? I do intend to attempt overclocking a bit, is that a good idea? That is why I was thinking of a nVidia card also, because I am used to overclocking them.

cool, if you are looking for that kind of performance you might want to wait a few months, Nvidia is planning on releasing the 9800 series in November (supposedly 2x the performance of the 8800 series :eek: ). the new AMDs should be out by then too.

if you really can’t/don’t want to wait I’d suggest either an e6420 or e6600 intel, a P35/DDR2 mobo, 2-4gb ddr2-800 and an 8800gtx as a starting point

id suggest a core 2 quad too their cheap as chips :slight_smile:

If I were you I would try to build my own PC that way you become your PC manufacturer knowing every thing about the machine and you get way better quality componets at way cheapter price.

By now, i will say you a little reccomendations:

Get a dual core processor, of course, you can find AMD 3600+ X2 at really cheap prices, so adquiring a monocore now has no sense.

If planning overclock:

If you’re going to make overclock, the option TODAY is a C2D or even a C2Q E6600, depending of the bucks to spend, you’ll get a E4300, E4400, E6420, E6600 or E6750.

The choice between E6600 and E6750, since they are at same price, will be caused by the overclockability of the mainboard (medium FSB reachable -> E6600. High bus FSB (350 - 400) -> E6750

If overclock is discarted:

If not overclock planned, and don’t have too much money and don’t need stunning performance, get a AMD 4000+ or similar, has a great price and quite good performance

If you’re not going to make overclock and want a medium-high performance processor, get an AMD X2 (5200-6000+)

If not planning overclock but want high perfermance, E6750 or E6850.

If want a really durable computer, and wil not change it in at least 2-3 years, get a Q6600

Responding to the question of buying now or wait, I would wait to the lanch of the new AMD Barcelona Phenom x4 CPUs; and then, decide if go for one of the new AMD or get an Intel (whose will become much cheaper to compete against new AMD)

I hope to be helpfully

I think I’ll wait a few months then, no rush. Is my budget big enough? Or will I need to save up more?

save up a tad more cos u might see something at some point youll be like OH u got to have that sort of thing :slight_smile: , also u tried or :wink:

as long as you are willing to stray towards the higher end of your budget you will be fine, £1500-£2000 should build a killer dx10 rig in a couple months :wink:

Something along the lines…?
I dont see a point paying the double for a very small performance increase.
This is from
You probably want a DVD burner and possibly keyboard and mouse too :

I’m cool with going AMD (especially in a couple months when Phenom comes out), but crysis will kill the 320mb gts

The GPU is too slow for more memory (larger textures) anyways…

hence my recommendation to wait for the 9 series to come out, or get an 8800gtx if he can’t wait :wink:
its unlikely the gtx will be able to fully max out crysis, but it will still handle some pretty dang good settings :iagree: …my vid card will be hurtin with bioshock and crysis :frowning:

How much will a top 9 series card be? What sort of processor will I need to max out Crysis do we think?

I’ve read that the MSRP on the 9800gtx will be $599 US and the 9800gts will be $399 US, but only time will tell. you should be able to max crysis out on either an intel e6600 or an amd x2 6000, but again time will tell :wink:

An AMD x2 6000 sounds good, and the 9800gtx also, think I will go with them. I will need Vista as well for these, but I am prepared to try it.