Planning on building new computer



After 3 years and plenty of power outages to screw with my computer hardware i decided it’s time to build my own superior computer for a fraction of the cost from those big comp companies…

i’ve searched some threads on here and got a feel for the prices but on the ones that stuck out most noticed that they were dated a bit… and with computer prices and hardware updating at the speed that they do, for a budget around 800-1200 i was wondering wuts the best i can get for my money…

I play games a lot… after researching don’t plan on getting 64 bit till my next computer so this would be for a 32 bit OS in mind… Already have a 22in LCD monitor with 1680x1050 resolution… and can use the keyboard and mouse from my old computer, along with speakers…

don’t plan on using anything else from my old computer as it’s all old and outdated and probably wouldn’t work anyways…

so with all that in mind been doing research of my own… and am totally lost as to what all the specs mean and which ones would probably suite my needs best… any help would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

im a software kinda guy… once the hardware works i can get pretty much anything else running :smiley: definitely planing on taking computer hardware classes next sem in college but till then im sunk

heres wut i’ve come up with after pretty much liking one thread i found

*SAMSUNG 22X DVD±R DVD Burner with LightScribe Black SATA Model SH-S223Q - OEM x2 - $55.98
*COOLER MASTER Centurion 5 x1 - $54.99
*Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD6400AAKS 640GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM - x1 - $74.99
*SeaSonic M12II SS-500GM 500W ATX12V 2.2 /EPS12V 2.91 SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply - Retail - x1 - $89.99
*pqi TURBO 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 - x1 - $55.99
*DFI LANPARTY DK X38-T2RB LGA 775 Intel X38 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail - x1 - $174.99
*Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor Model BX80570E8400 - Retail - x1 - $169.99
*XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle CPU Cooler - Retail - x1 - $36.99
*ASUS EAH4850/HTDI/512M Radeon HD 4850 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 - x2 - $349.98

Sub Total - $1,078.88
Tax - $78.22
Shipping - $36.95
Grand Total - $1,194.05


Look quite good, I would recommend you to exchange a few things though…

Grab the Corsair HX 520W PSU instead, 20W more (still made by Seasonic) and cheaper (additional rebate).

Grab a more known brand on the RAM, you have done your homework getting 1.8V rated RAM at least =) (lower timings = faster performance) or .
The Muskin (Micron) is backed by one of the worlds largest memory manufacturers and if you still feel uncertain Corsair is a solid buy but with higher timings. To be honest I doubt you’ll see a difference between those too in real life performance.

Unless you have a very good reason to go for DFI (with older chipset) I’d suggest this motherboard instead which is very good and solid with better onboard components (Audio etc).

If you want a tower cooler there’s only one, Scythe Ninja Rev 2(B) :slight_smile:
While this is huge it can be made very silent.
You can actually use the bundled cooler with the CPU without any issues and it’s not that noisy.



Looks like you got some advice from the thread I started which is good because I can give you my experience with most of what you have picked.

The cool master case worked great, plenty of space to work. And always a plus no tools required (it does come with screws for optical and HDD if you still want to use them)

I would suggest getting SATA connectors with right angles
this will make installation of optical drives much easier

The DFI mobo works great, the only problem is if you decide to get a bigger cpu heat sink like the Core-Contact Freezer it will hit the north bridge heat sink. I looked at some videos of the Xigmatex and its bracket system is a lot smaller so you should have no problems with that.

Because your a gamer you could go with the E8500 cpu, for the price difference though, I think the E8400 is fine.

I only have a single 4850 gpu right now and I can run Bioshock, and world in conflict on full settings without a problem, so having two CF will give you a good amount to play with.

I only see two potential problems.

First: Be careful with running CF. You said that you where software based so hopefully you wont have a problem working with this. CF will only work if you program is running in a Fullscreen mode. The problem with certain games is that they will run in a Fake Full Screen mode. Usually if they do there is a line of code in the config files that resembles FakeFullScreen = 1; (This code varies for different software.) Just do a little research on the games you play and there compatibility with CF.

Second concern is be careful of power consumption. No matter how great of a system you build if you have power problems it will run like crap. The the gpu’s crossfired will run at around 300W without overclocking. CPU 65W w/o OC. Then when you include HDD, optical, fans, cpu cooler, ram, and mobo peripherals you probably around 450W. This is without OC and this is generalized best guess. Personally I would rather be safe the sorry so maybe consider 550 or 600W PSU.


Dizzy wouldnt it be better to have a mobo that supported 2 PCI x 16 slots if you where to run crossfired cards.


Doesn’t matter as it supports PCIe 2.0 which provides twice the bandwidth of PCIe (1.0).
A video card has yet to be made to max out PCIe 1.0 16X (equal to 2.0 8X)…


I didnt notice the 2.0 woops:doh:


I’m pretty sure using a x38/x48 MB will yeild another ~5+% fps in gaming. That DFI is a good choice IMO.

According to guru3d, an E8400 @ 3Ghz with two 3850’s crossfired, will consume 420 watt’s loaded. That Seasonic PSU might do fine, but I would want a little more beef personally. Check out this 650W Antec PSU, if you “view all” combo deals there is the Antec threehundred as a combo and an awesome price. The “EA” series on the Antecs are the earthwatts series based on Seasonic as well.

You get to sell those WOW games on ebay too, and get 30-40 bucks back as well, so it looks like its gonna be bad-ass. :wink:


When mailing in those $30 rebates, I would be careful on how you submit them. Personally I would either do two seperate mailings or make sure you fill out the form twice and mail them together, also have two copies of the recite. People who process the rebates don’t always know how to deal with two submissions together, so I would mail them seperatly.



the intel E8400 CPU: Try to get the new E0-stepping with sSpec# “SLB9J” instead of C0-stepping which has sSpec# “SLAPL”.

And also: Indeed, why a 3 series chipset? Why no super-modern P45+ICH10R for that super-modern CPU as [B]DiiZzY[/B] has suggested earlier? Personally I would suggest these boards instead however:, $129.99, $239


CPU again: Sorry, forgot the reason: The E0-stepping has the temp sensor issue fixed.

PSU: Have you considered the ENERMAX PRO82+ 525W as well? It’s more expensive, but I would buy the FOXCONN P45A-S motherboard instead of that DFI board and invest the $50 difference into the ENERMAX PRO82+ 525W PSU.

HDD: No question. I would buy this one:

GPU-board: Not nVIDIA GeFORCE 9 series?


RAM: Personally I would definitely buy these instead:


@ anikk
Why would you buy a Foxconn branded motherboard?
It’s a small manufacturer when it comes to motherboards and they are rumored to be quitting.

Why a slower HDD? At least come up with some arguments :wink:

Why get ram with low yields (hence why you need to bump up voltage) and non standard voltage? 1.8V RAM with low timings have better quality no matter how you look at it =)


You know, I would hold my nose at the mere mention of the name Foxconn, but truth be told, they’re everywhere.
If you have an Intel board, namely a P45/G45 (there are others) it is made for Intel by Foxconn :rolleyes:

So, under contract, with their feet held to the fire, maybe they can produce a good product.
:sad: Somebody please say it ain’t so.


Here is a comarison of P35/45 x38/48 reviews.

I also wouldn’t reccomend foxconn or that overpriced enermax PSU. :Z sry.


omg, where to start, ok…

The bad ENERMAX comment:
:confused:. An uncountable mass of reviews states that ENERMAX makes the best PSUs on the planet. The price reflects the technology development involved, the exceptionally high quality components used, the industry leading clean build and the 100% build quality. Although I respect every opinion of course, personally I’m shocked by that harsh comment to be honest, because I can’t see why Enermax deserves this.

FOXCONN leaving FOXCONN branded motherboard business comment:
You don’t really believe this nonsense, do you.
FOXCONN is a small manufacturer comment:
To the contrary, FOXCONN is the biggest electronics products manufacturer in the world.
Opinions voiced about FOXCONN motherboards:
Sorry, but there’s false information here. FOXCONN motherboards are designed with huge resources of manpower. The result is motherboards that are as solid as the Rocky Mountains and that bleed speed. The build quality is exceptional, since the company is the biggest high-end products maker worldwide (Apple computers, the iPhone, the iPod, Motorola cell phones, intel motherboards, EVGA GPU-boards, the MS XBox and so much more…)

Why the RAM?
Because the original poster listed components including RAM. As the price of that RAM was at the lower end, I took that into account as well. Of course you can say that Mushkin RAM equipped with Micron chips is a great choice, but the price is two to three times higher as well. The A-DATA kit is the most reliable non-Micron kit on the market afaik.

The HDD:
Although WD is the older company, Seagate is the technology leader and to my knowledge is making the most reliable HDDs. In addition the latest desktop line, the second generation of the Barracuda 7200.11 line, has a max. 115MB/s to 120MB/s throughput, which is the opposite of slower. But afaik Seagate was known for making the fastest HDDs even before this very recent milestone.


You know, personally I would indeed recommend myself to always buy an ASUS or intel motherboard. But intel boards are not the typical colorful, over-featured retail motherboard and with ASUS I just went through hell, because of the way the mounting holes are designed. Otherwise ASUS is great because they so much know what a motherboard has to have and because of the highest build quality in the business afaik. I don’t recommend GIGABYTE products on the other hand, because I had horrible quality issues. All this together is why I think that FOXCONN is a great choice.

If the original poster doesn’t like FOXCONN and won’t have any issues with the ASUS mounting holes - and people don’t seem to have, it’s just me I guess - then of course. The P5Q PRO, the P5Q-E or the P5Q DELUXE would be a fantastic choice as well. So, because of the protest, I change my recommendation: I recommend an intel P45+ICH10R motherboard or an ASUS P45+ICH10R motherboard. But if the original poster buys one of the two Foxconns above it’s a great choice as well.

But under no circumstances I would change my personal recommendation of the ENERMAX PSU and the Seagate HDD I named above.


@ Anikk

Please show us real statistics with your claims…

I would also love to see your “Seagate is better/more reliable than everyone else” source, your personal expierence does not count a valid source. I can help you with the performance part, .
Just tell me how .11 drives are faster than the WD HDD. I would honestly say it’s the opposite, Seagate are known to make quite slow HDDs but they did offer for a while 5 years warranty when others didnt.

Foxconn does indeed make electronics for other companies but why would that mean that it’s good, they still make Xbox 360’s and you all know how reliable those are :stuck_out_tongue:
Having in mind the above it would make the Funai and Orion brands great which simply isn’t true.

Geforce 9-series are slower then ATi counterparts (ATM) and [B]may[/B] have GPU failure, I would go that route unless you want to pay more for poorer hardware.

'bout the RAM,
Original poster "*pqi TURBO 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 - x1 - $55.99"
Me “” - $64.99 (44.99 with mail-in rebate)
You "Of course you can say that Mushkin RAM equipped with Micron chips is a great choice, but the price is two to three times higher as well."
I never said that, I said the Mushkin are backed/Owned by Micron (that may have been a bit unclear) and they are certainly not three times more expensive.

@ eric93se

Nice link you got there, X38 is on pair with P45 and given that P45 was a quite new chipset during the time the article was published I would guess that they’ve got a bit more performance out of P45 by now (probably not as good as X48 though).



Yes I saw the benchmarks you posted. This fight is fed by the fact that you seem to decide by the benchmarks, which is not at all a wrong thing to do, and I decide by technology and focusing on stability in corporate and mission critical operation. Seagate is THE NCQ drive. They now added lots of throughtput power with this second .11 series and that’s what drives my decision.

It’s similar with nVIDIA. What I have in mind is the VP3 engine, Physix by the GPU, cooler GPUs and many other technological developments. What speaks for ATI on the other hand is DX10.1 and CrossfireX working with intel chipsets of course. Again it may be that some benchmarks show some ATi GPUs ahead of NV GPUs under certain circumstances, but fps is not everything. But if it is, NV leads as often as ATI does in the many different benchmarks that exist out there.

The heat and solder problem in the MacBooks you mentioned. Is this really true? These things all come from the press. Like EVGA is leaving nVIDIA, nVIDIA is axing partners, FOXCONN is dropping motherboard business, no SLI for X58. I could as well speculate that notebooks suddenly switched to out of specs cooling for longer battery life to serve buying habbits under the climate change madness.

Sorry, I thought that you suggested Micron equipped Mushkins. Mushkin is owned by Micron?? I never heard of that. Crucial is Micron, that’s for sure. If you suggest non-Micron Mushkins, do you have a picture about reliability that is as clear as the A-DATA vitesta EE’s? But no problem if you don’t have. The op can also buy Mushkin RAM in my opinion. It’s great as well. As long as it’s A-DATA, Mushkin or Crucial, it’s great. I had horrible experiences with OCZ, Corsair and Kingston HYPERX.

FOXCONN: Comparing FOXCONN to Funai/Orion??? Was this a serious comment? FOXCONN motherboard are a high precision, top quality product which is leading in stability and build quality. Have you actually ever heard of the BLACKOPS motherboard?


My bad about that one, seems like I’ve read bogus information about that…
Mushkin is a fully is fully employee-owned. =)
Never had any issues with Corsair but I on the other hand have never gone outside Value Select series or DHX C5 (both 1.8V).


why thank you all very much :slight_smile:

seeing as much desktops mobo actually just died my purchase date has been moved up and this has all been a wonderful help :slight_smile:

i have confidence i will build the best desktop for the money i put into it with all this :smiley: