Planned server upgrade November 29th 2012

We will be moving to new servers Thursday November 29th 2012. We will be moving to faster servers on a new location. This should bring no downtime but we will make the forum read only for a couple of hours. We hope to do during low traffic times.

The read-only measure is done to make sure the forum is synched between the old and new server and to make sure there are no missing posts and members.

If you have questions, then shoot :wink:

The server upgrade didn’t go as well as expected. Our engineers are working to get things sorted.

Current known issues:

  • Some images are not loading
  • Decreased functionality on the frontpage
  • Missing reaction counts on the frontpage

Of course other issues are very welcome and we’d also like your speed reports!

It all seems to be pretty snappy here, no obvious problems. Go have a beer.

Thanks for the report, much appreciated! Signing off :wink:

The only forum issue I’ve encountered so far is that I’m not getting e-mail notifications.

Maybe, not sure this is because of the DNS that needs to refresh, else I’ll report it tomorrow!

Feels quite zippy now too which has to be a good sign as I thought things were a bit sluggish recently.


Search doesn’t appear to be working for me.

I just get a ‘database error’ come up after what I guess is some sort of timeout period.

It shows the following messages at the top too…

Warning: mysql_query(): MySQL server has gone away in [path]/includes/class_core.php on line 408

Warning: mysql_query(): Error reading result set’s header in [path]/includes/class_core.php on line 408

Warning: mysql_query(): MySQL server has gone away in [path]/includes/class_core.php on line 408

Warning: mysql_query(): Error reading result set’s header in [path]/includes/class_core.php on line 408

I just noticed that reaction counts are working again. I made a quick test reaction on the server upgrade story and that showed a ‘1’ on the homepage straight away and went back to ‘0’ when I deleted it.

Thumbnails are also working again on the News tab.

Like with LIGHTNING UK!, keyword searches are not working on the forum. However, searches by user work fine (e.g. find all posts by geno888 in Living Room forum.)

I’ll try it on my Android tonight. It usually works great on our PCs but the tablet sucked.

E-mail notifications are working again now. :wink:

Really zippy now, I’m loving that :iagree:

LUK -> confirmed and reported! Thanks everyone for taking the time to report it!

This is what I’m getting today at

It works!

This is the default web page for this server.

The web server software is running but no content has been added, yet.

So do i.

I had a quick on a few * links and this is outcome at my end:

[li] - The connection has timed out[/li][li] - As CDan posted above[/li][li] - Loads up fine[/li][li] thread) - 404 Not found (example)[/li][/ul] and are not yet working. This is already known and requires some changes by the hosting company.

Also and are both broken right now. Also work in progress…

Pfffff, I reported yesterday that it needs to be changed and they said they did. Seems they failed. I’ve reported it again :frowning:

Should be fixed now!, and are working, club not being perfect, but that’s probably something we can fix ourselves with a proper .htaccess and mod_rewrite. But not now - still fed up of trying to make a RewriteRule work yesterday…

Still no upload though

[EDIT] properly redirects to now[/EDIT]