Plaing left/right stereo track on stereo speakers




Today I came up with the idea of connecting my computer to my big stereo speakers. This worked successfully. The disadvantage of these big stereo speakers was that I got my sound from the back. That’s when I thought: why not connect both sets of speakers? (so including my pc speakers). Then I would have sound from both the back and the front. I decided to connect my pc speakers to the left stereo track and the my big speakers to the right track. The problem hereby is, is that you’re basically hearing two speakers (the left pc speaker and the right big speaker). I tried to change the balance settings but this didn’t help; only one of the set’s speakers was really ‘activated’.

My question is, is it somehow possible to ‘duplicate’ the left and right tracking so you’ll be hearing all four speakers at once?



Sure. All it takes is a ‘Y’ adapter. The plug needs to fit the soundcard jack and the 2 jacks will feed the two separate amps.


Thanks for your response!

I’m not sure that will work. Right now, I’ve done about the same. The problem is that when you connect the Y adapter to your sound card, it will split the stereo into red and white. You’ll have to connect one colour to each stereo set. The result is that you’ll only hear left or right for each stereo set.


Get one designed for headphones. Mini plug to 2 mini jacks.


Yes, I was thinking about that too, that’ll work! :iagree:


In the meanwhile I was thinking about something else (sorry!)
What if you’d have 2x stereo instead of 2x red and 2x white. In that case you’d have stereo in the back and in the front. For that you’d need some sort of stereo duplicator, so one 2.5 plug (stereo) to two 2.5 sockets (both stereo). Do you know if such a thing exists?


To split stereo to two stereo outputs I got one of these: 3.5mm stereo splitter. The store is monoprice and their really good on pricing. That particular cable is OOS but I’m sure it will be back soon. They have great prices on HDMI cables, network, USB, RCA etc.


Thanks :wink: