Plain text list files?



Hi, I would like to know if there is a way I can import a plain-text list into a CD/DVD burning app, rather than manually dragging, or selecting files from the inbuilt browser. Like a CUE file, but for any type and mixture of files that I might want to put on a disc, not only audio.

That is, either to get Nero or Imgburn to do it (which are what I currently have), or is there a prog that you can recommend that has this function?

I have tried searching the web (and this site) with all the keywords I can think of, but have drawn a blank so far.

I prefer to generate my lists piecemeal as I discover files that need to go into a compilation, or from a database query, I’m sure this more convenient option MUST have occurred to many before me so why can’t I find any references to it?
(Maybe what I really need, is lessons on how to do web searches) ;p


You could use .IBB project files in ImgBurn. You can use ImgBurn in Build-mode to create your project and save it to a .IBB file and you can later load that file into ImgBurn.

If your list already exists, you could copy that list into a new file and wrap a few lines around it to make it acceptable by ImgBurn:




That simple, eh? Thanks DrageMester, I will give it a try.

By the way, I am also interested to know if this or a similar trick can be used with any burning software that allows multi-session burns.

Once again, thanks


That’s a great idea Drage, impressive stuff! :clap:



[QUOTE=Wombler;2741636]That’s a great idea Drage, impressive stuff! :clap:

Same from me.

I hope dikki lets us know if this was the solution he wanted.

It’s not one I need but it looks good enough to try just to see how it works.


Thanks Drage, I tried your suggestion and it works.

For what it’s worth, there seem to be 2 ways of using this functionality with my version of ImgBurn which is

[INDENT]Using code as per your example, a fully qualified file name for each explicit file to copy, whereas quoting a path only, causes everything in that directory to be copied. It doesn’t allow wildcards though.

Also, I saved a dummy IBB file with my settings, which I can use as a template, and by studying this file I see an additional syntax can be used to save the files in different directories to the source, or to rename the files while copying if I should wish.

[INDENT]This form uses notation such as “D|” to indicate that what follows is the directory to create, and “F|” to indicate a file to copy. It also appears to use the bar “|” as a delimiter to divide the line into sections for specifying the source and destinations of each file.
I will have to go away and a think about how to describe it in a clear and systematic way, although I’m sure one of you oldbies could work it out before I have a chance to get back here.

This second syntax somewhat defeats the purpose of quickly compiling a file list for a burn, but it was interesting to find out, and I could probably, given time, work out how to generate a properly formatted list using a batch file or my database.

So thanx for pointing me in the right direction.


Nice to hear that it’s working out for you. :slight_smile: