Plain Old Data CD

I am about to rip out what little hair I have left…

I am trying to make a plain old data CD using either Nero Express or Nero Burning ROM.

Unfortunately, the burn process fails with an error that the disc I’m trying to write to is the wrong type. What’s weird is that the error message says I have to insert a CD-R/RW disc, and what I’m using is a blank CD-R disc.

I’ve tried doing is as a Start Multisession (the data I’m backing up is fairly small, so I’d like to be able to add later backups to the same disc) and as a No Multisession. I’ve tried Mode 1 and Mode 2/XA (I’m running WinXP SP2). Nothing works. The error message is always the same.

I realize this isn’t a lot to go on, but any help would be appreciated.

  • Mark

I’m not sure what happened, but now, after restarting Nero, I was able to create a data CD. In the same drive, using the same options as kept failing previously.


So…problem solved. Sort of.

  • Mark