Plagued with Exact 1:1 copy problems DVD9

I have been trying to find a dvd software that backs up an exact copy 1:1 of my movies. I have two DL burners, and have been trying out different media on them. However, I have been coastering a lot of discs (they burn fine but when I put them in my Phillips DVP-642 player I get an error). Most of the time the error is reported initially and the DVD just pops out, but sometimes the error doesn’t come up until after the trailers or when I try to play the video itself.

The program I was using primarily was DVDFab Platinum but that seems to only make an exact copy 1 out of 5 times on different DVDs. Is this common or does everyone seem to have to do trial and error to get an exact DL copy?

I have also tried AnyDVD with a combo of CloneDVD2 and I seem to coaster here too.

Most DVD’s burn fine into DVD5 mode using DVDFab (with the exception of Crash). However, some that burn fine in DVD5 but come up with an error in DVD9.

Verbatim DVD+R DL (Sometimes works)
Dynex DVD+R DL (never seems to work)

LG - HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H10L (use to burn dvd)
Samsung - TSSTcorp SH-S182D (use to read dvd)

Please help someone, or at least tell me I am not alone in this.

I used RipIt4Me in ISO mode and used ImgBurn to burn the ISO at the slowest rated speed. (2.4X on all of my burners)

Make sure your DL Verbatims are made in Singapore and NOT India. The Indian DL Verbs are questionable.

That’s a damn good method Gary D & free as well.

How do I tell where the verbatims are made? I also have a few memorex DVD+DL, still go with the verbatim?

I am clocking my burn speed down to 2.4x; currently I have burned 1 successful DVD from doing this, but will keep you updated. Previously I had it set at maximum.

Read the packaging the discs are in & it will tell you the country & if you have the Memorex already, use them but when they are gone, stick with the Verbatims. You never burn DL @ Max, stick with 2.4 if it’s working.