Placing pictures on CD's



Hi, I’m new to this, so please bear with me. I want to store photos on CD’s to watch on TV via my LG DC539W combo player. Can any one advise me as to how I should place the photos on a CD so that the player will recognise them and display them. I have tried two CD’s - one with the photos in BMP format, the other in TIFF, but neither are recognised by the player. What am I doing wrong? Please help!!! :sad:


I am not sure, but you might try JPG format - I know my standalone LG player works ok with Jpeg. I am not sure about bmp, but I can almost guarantee that players like that are not meant - so far - to open TIFF format photos. Yes, I know JPG is lossy, etc., but if you have a CD-RW, you might give it a try.


I’m sure that kikibug is correct. Jpeg is the format that DVD players are expecting, that’s if they have picture playing capability.
The other point is that I would guess that the CD must be finalised & not multi-session.


Well, you probably need to make the CD in a PhotoCD standard.
It requiers the photos to be JPG. I’m not sure if Nero will convert from BMP, Tiffs to jpg format. But sure give it a try, but if it will not work , transform the bmp&tff files to jpgs. :slight_smile:


I’ve just created mine as a data disc. Providing the photos are jpeg it should be fine.


I think my player works with multi-session CD’s, incl. CD-RW’s, as long as they are with JPG pictures. It is LG, although I cannot check the model right now. Of course, by multi-session I mean a couple of sessions, not 20-30 sessions…