Placing MP3 Songs in Order

When I go to make a music CD from MP3 files and leave them as MP3 files, to play in an MP3 capable player, none of the burning software that I tried, will allow me to change the order of the songs. They instead, automatically make them appear alphabetically and I don’t want to have to rename them all, to make them have numbers at the beginning of the songs, to force them to go into the order I want them in. That’s a lot of work, every time I want to make an MP3 CD! I can manually change the order within the burning software, if I am converting them and making a regular audio CD, like you would buy in a store, but not if I leave them as MP3 files. I cannot drag them. I tried making a playlist in WinAmp and then opened the playlist in my burning software (I tried both Ashampoo and Nero), but it still ended up making them appear in alphabetical order.

Is there a piece of software that will allow me to do this and drag them to the order I want and hopefully, have a button to click on, to randomize them?

Sorry if this is not the right forum, but this was the only one that said “Audio”.

You should maybe take a look at this thread.

I did see that one afterward. I think it’s pretty damn stupid for Nero not to have that ability, or any other package for that matter! If it can do it converting them to regular audio CD’s, then since it is still dealing with MP3’s, it just flat out retarded that it can’t do it when making an MP3 CD with the same files!

Thanks for the tip on the thread anyway though! That was very kind of you to point me to it.

I did download and try out Acoustica. It does it and seems very nice. I’ll have to play with it some more to see if I want it, but as I said, it does seem like a nice piece of software.

The only reason I kept Nero around at all, was because the Ashampoo that I normally use, for some reason, drops the volume on the CD when coverting to a regular audio CD and Nero doesn’t do that. Also, I like Nero Express, but the problem is, that when you’re making the DVD, it won’t let you put the file name in until it’s done processing it. Nero 7 fixes this problem, but again, I’m not going to deal with that bloated piece of garbage (v6 is better), just to have that feature! They should have fixed that one problem, instead of trying to force people to upgrade to a process eating new version, that’s way overbloated!!!

But again, thank you for the kind tip! :slight_smile:

When I put my songs in the list for burning, I number them all myself by right clicking and changing the name by putting the number in front of the song. I use Roxio and Nero for simple stuff like that. Remember that CD"s are double digit and must be 01-99 and mp3’s are triple digit and must be 001-999.

GiantWaffle: I did see that one afterward. I think it’s pretty damn stupid for Nero not to have that ability…

It does have the ability. Take a look at the following thread.

No, it doesn’t. Please read my message carefully. When placing MP3’s in to be converted to a normal audio CD, it does. But when LEAVING THEM AS MP3’S, it does not. And the thread you sent me to said the same thing.

But thank you anyway. :slight_smile:

good post, i had to face the same problem back in the day and soon enough i realized it needed the extra work by numbering them which takes ages.Thanks for the numbering tip my home player doesnt recognize tracks over 97 now it makes perfect sense(use 001-999 for mp3). I’ve used all those software mentioned and i always go back to nero 6.6, gives me the best quality burn over and over, for me its gold standard.

Some more advice:[ul][]Many tagging programs can rename files based on their tags. This is great in this case if your MP3 collection is already pretty well organized.[]For a DVD±R, you may want to use 4 digits (e.g. 0008) because at low bitrates you may actually be able to fit more than 1,000 MP3s onto the DVD.[/ul]

WinAmp and the ‘Playlist Unpacker’ plug-in still work the best for me. Automates the number appending to keep them in order.

I just started trying out Acoustica. It does the job!