Pizza or Hamburger?

I like pizza’s more than hamburgers.

What’s your story ?


Crunchy Chicken Filets from BurgerKing :stuck_out_tongue:

Hamburgers from BK are very good, but it doesn’t compare to a good pizza!

Burgers in BurgerKing rulez, too bad there arent any in Greece (now thats a good business opportunity … hmm)

I ate there every single day when i was in Budapest :smiley:

Pizza, definitely pizza

Hamburgers, but definitely not from McD.

PIZZA… it’s not as messy as a hamburger… there’s nothing like taking a bite and having all the fillings fall on your brand new pants:(

Originally posted by Namoh
Hamburgers, but definitely not from McD.

Agreed, have you ever seen their cheeseburgers???:Z :Z :Z

Man, there have been roadkill that look better than that


Pizza… its good even when its bad(…threesome)

Pizaa tastes good cold, and takes longer to spoil

hamburger is only good tasting the day of grillt ime, and very dry and tasteless the next day
also spoils faster

My vote is for PIZZA

Hmmm… burger

Got to be pizza!:iagree:

Pizza if for no other reason then the limitless variations you can make with toppings, crust, sauce and cheeses. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm pizza!

My dad works part time as a driver for Pizza Hut, and I go with him some nights…mmmmm… free pizza

I also get to go inside and make my own pizzas…

I make a chilli pizza and fold it over to make a calzone…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I love chilli

just had a veg. pizza from pizza hut today . :smiley:

Know what else is nice? Soylent Green…mmmmmmmm…Soylent Green…:smiley:

PizzzzzaPizzzzza–Cheese and tomato sauce make EVERYTHING better! Burgers too! :iagree: