Pixellation around layer break being noticed

Hello all,

I was wondering if someone could answer a quick question I have. Recently when doing DL backups, I’ve been noticing some very minor pixellation around the layer break. It only happens within a 5 minute window and it’s very minor, doesn’t detract at all from the movie but I’m wondering why it occurs as it’s never happened before. The only media I use is Verbatim DVD+R DL. I have a SONY DVD RW DW-Q58A recorder with the latest UYS3 firmware. I’ve been burning with ImgBurn at 2x speed. The backup is perfect quality except for this minor problem in the middle…I’m wondering if my burner is wearing out or something?

Also (this is somewhat unrelated), I updated the firmware to UYS3. Before the update, the light on the side of my drive used to blink green, now it blinks amber/orange. What’s the reason for this? It hasn’t affected any aspect of ripping or burning so I’m wondering if there’s an explanation for why the color changed.


[I]Maybe[/I] your drive [I]is[/I] failing like you suggested. We can’t trouble shoot it from here. You could try CloneCD (which is just as reliable as ImgBurn on dual layer DVD’s) on the 21 day free trial and see if you get the same results at the layer break.

I doubt it is a software or windows conflict since it happens only at the layer break.

If you do decide to buy another DVD writer drive, my suggestion is to try the BenQ line of writers. Personally, I don’t trust Sony not to [I]eventually[/I] think of a kink for their hardware/firmware updates since they are so big in the movie business. Burners are cheap nowadays.


Ok thanks.

As a newbie to CloneCD and CloneDVD2, what’s the difference in burning? If I choose to burn an ISO with CloneDVD2, it will essentially burn a Dual Layer disc in a 1:1 format won’t it? There won’t be any compression will there?

CloneCD will preserve the original layer break. CloneDVD will not. While it’ll be as close as possible to the original, using CloneDVD does not provide a 1:1 copy simply because the layer break is recreated. If you’re intent on keeping the original layer break information, use DVD Decrypter’s read ISO mode and burn it with IMGBurn, or, simply use CloneCD to read and write the DVD. If you don’t care about the original layer break, CloneDVD can be used and will allow you to remove unwanted stuff from the disc like previews, trailers, warnings, and studio logos thus making a much better disc IMO. :slight_smile: I hope this helps.

P.S. Sorry, forgot to mention that if you’re burning to Dual Layer then CloneDVD will not compress the movie.

from your origional post it sounds like a bad flash why dont you try reflashing your drive with a modded firmware got to the liteon forum and look for a new firmware as a sony is a rebadged liteon in most cases

I agree with rayw, you might want to fix your drive first before attempting anymore burns.